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Access Consciousness Core Classes

Access Consciousness® classes provide verbal processing and simple tools for change that allow as much or as little change as you are willing to choose!

What if you didn’t require someone else to give you an answer… just some questions that could allow you to know what you know? Would that create greater possibilities for your life?

Access Consciousness offers eight Core Classes and many specialty classes which are all designed to give you greater ease, joy, abundance, choice and possibilities in your life. Many of the Core Classes have prerequisites that allow participants to move through into the advanced classes very quickly if desired.

A comprehensive manual is provided in Access Bars® through to Choice of Possibilities (COP) classes, containing detailed explanations, processes and tools discussed in class by the class facilitators. You will expand your awareness of the change that is possible for you by asking questions of your facilitator. The advanced classes are free form and class recordings create deeper levels of change each time you listen!

Kids aged 15 and under come for free to all classes around the world. Ages 16, 17 and 18 pay half price. Everyone is included in Access Consciousness and your presence is considered a contribution to a greater possibility for the world.

The system of Access Consciousness with Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer

The Core Classes listed below can expand your capacity for consciousness so that you have greater awareness about you, your life, this reality and beyond! With greater awareness, you can begin generating the life you always knew was possible and haven't yet created. What else is possible?

“Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing.” ~ Gary Douglas, Founder, Access Consciousness.

Access Consciousness is a set of tools and techniques that are designed to help you change whatever isn’t working in your life, so that you can have a different possibility and a different reality. Access Consciousness is a constantly evolving, constantly changing, and constantly altering universe. It does not work from your cognitive mind. If your logical mind could create the results of change and difference that you would like to have, wouldn't you already be there? Are you ready to explore the infinite possibilities?

“Oneness is the target of Access. It is the ability to receive everything, to judge nothing, and to allow the entire universe to be what it is. When you receive only that which you judge as correct, you limit possibilities. From oneness you can change and transform all things. Oneness is the ability to receive in totality without judgment.” ~ Gary Douglas, Founder, Access Consciousness.

Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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