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Become an Access Bars® Practitioner

After you have taken just one Bars class you are considered a Bars Practitioner and can get paid to run other peoples Bars? YES! You get to practice your Bars skills, help expand consciousness and get paid for it!

How does it get any better than that?

How much should you charge? Maybe you could ask "What would be fun for me to charge?"

If you would like to be listed on the Access Consciousness website in the searchable Bars Practitioner database, we also have that available for you. You'll get your own picture, profile and the ability to schedule "bars gifting and receiving" swap events.

To set up a web page with us the fee is $150 and then $9.99/monthly or $59.95/ bi-annually. Contact Fiona for details.

You can also set up your Bars swap events on Facebook and post your weekly trades there, invite everyone who attended the Bars class you attended, and have lots of fun! Please only promote your Bars swap events in your local Facebook groups where it is relevant to people nearby.

You can have your swaps be free, or many facilitators charge a small fee (around $10 - $20) to cover snacks and room hire. You can also invite people to come to your bars trades who have never taken a bars class and they can "receive only" for $25 to $50 or more (whatever price would be fun for you).
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