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How to Become an Access Facelift™ Facilitator

Would you like to change people’s lives and help them to enjoy their bodies?  All the while helping them feel and look younger?  Has the Access Facelift™ changed your life and body?  Would you like to share that?  Become an Access Facelift™ Facilitator.
As an Access Facelift™ Facilitator you are certified to,

  • Teach the Access Facelift™ Class
  • Offer private sessions as a practitioner


  • Attend at least one Bars and one The Foundation class (formerly called Foundation & Level 1)
  • Attend at least one 3-Day Access Body Class
  • Perform the Facelift at least 20 times

Product Description
Become an Access Facelift™ Facilitator (“AFF”).  Be able to facilitate a one-day Access Facelift™ classes.
The Process
(Note: do not begin this process until you have completed the prerequisites above)
Step 1 - Payment:
Click here to complete payment.
Step 2 – Access Facelift™ Facilitator Application:
After you have completed payment an online Application will pop up - please complete it then as you will not be able to return to it.
Step 3 – Access Facelift™ Facilitator Contract
Within 24-48 hours you will receive an email with the Access Facelift™ Facilitator Contract to e-sign and return.
If you require any assistance please email facelift@accessconsciousness.com.

Access Facelift™ Facilitator Welcome Packet:
Once your payment and your application are processed and your contract is received,
a digital Access Facelift™ Facilitator (AFF) Welcome Packet will be emailed to you within 7-10 days.
*You will receive everything electronically (including your contract) so please double check that your email address is correct.
Note: You are not authorized to begin Facilitating or scheduling Access Facelift™ classes until you receive your AFF Welcome Packet.
Your Digital AFF Welcome Packet contains:

  • Welcome Letter
  • Class Structure packet
  • Information packet on “How to Facilitate” an Access Facelift™ Class
  • Access Facelift™ Manual
  • Access Facelift™ Quick Reference Chart
  • Certificates of Completion that you can hand out after class
  • Class list template
  • Release form PDF
  • CEU information
  • Permission to copy letter
  • Social Media & Trademark guidelines
  • Plus more….

Annual Renewal Requirements

  • In the next 12 months (from the date of your AFF Certification), and each year thereafter, you are required to take one of the following:
    - 4-day The Foundation (formerly called Foundation and level One)
    - 3-day Choice of Possibilities (formerly called Level 2&3)
    - 3.5 Day Being You, Changing the World
    - 3 Day Energetic Synthesis of Being
    - 4 Day Symphony of Possibilities Intensive
    - 3 day body class
    - 3 day specialty class with Gary or Dain (examples: Happiness is Just a Choice, 3 day Sex and Relationship class, The 9 Trannies)
    - Advanced Body class
    - 7 Day advanced class
  • Each subsequent year you are required to take one of those classes again - at some time between your renewal dates.
  • Pay an annual renewal fee of $150 USD - You will be sent an email when your renewal draws near and have the ability to make payment at that time.

Website Listing

In your welcome email and welcome packet you will receive information on how to purchase a webpage.
There is a set-up fee of $150 + $9.99/month maintenance fee.

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