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Become A Certified Access Facilitator

Has Access changed your life?

Would you like even more change...and to facilitate that change becoming available for others?


Would you like to work for yourself with something that could contribute MONEY, JOY and CONSCIOUSNESS to your life and the planet?

What if this could be something you add to your life that creates more for you?


Would you like to become a CERTIFIED ACCESS FACILITATOR?

As a Certified Facilitator you will be able to facilitate Access Tasters, Bars Gifting & Receiving, Bars classes, Foundation & Level 1, Molecular De-Manifestation & De-molecular Manifestation, and any classes you create on a specific subject with permission from Gary Douglas.

As a Certified Facilitator you are stepping into being a contribution to more consciousness being available on this planet and to all who choose it. This is a huge gift to opening up a greater possibility for the end of limitation, destruction and judgment, or at the very least to begin to change it. Thank you for your willingness to consider having a greater possibility for ease, joy and glory in your life and for being an invitation to that in the lives of all the people you touch.

We look forward to playing with you in the infinite possibilities of something greater for us all.

How To Become A Certified Facilitator:

As of August 2014, the Need & Tug tele call series is now a prerequisite for Facilitators.

In order to become a Certified Facilitator for the first time you need to take these classes:

  • 2 Bars Classes

  • 2 Foundation classes (after Bars)

  • 2 Level One classes (after Foundation)

  • 2 Level 2 and 3 classes (after Level One)* you can do one round of Bars/F/L1 classes and then a second round, you don't have to take 2 bars classes before taking Foundation, etc...)

  • 3 day Energetic Synthesis of Being Intensive or 4 Day Symphony of Possibilities - Advanced Training with Dr. Dain Heer (ONE of these classes needs to be taken before you can receive your CF license and you only have to take ONE of these classes ONCE in your Access history.)

  • purchase and listen to the 10 Commandments telecall by Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer (10 Keys to your freedom)(you can do this anytime)

  • purchase and listen to the Distractor Implant telecall (you can do this anytime)

  • purchase and listen to the Deal and Deliver telecall (you can do this anytime)

  • purchase and listen to the Need and Tug telecall (you can do this anytime)

  • purchase and read the reference materials (you can only do this after you have completed Foundation, Level One, Level 2 and 3 classes and must have completed Level 2/3 within the last 12 months to order the reference materials)(email Mary Menger to request purchase)


  • attend the 5 day Facilitators class (offered 3 times a year - August in Costa Rica, December in Australia, March in Rome, Italy)

  • fill out the survey/questionnaire after registering for the facilitators class, this is based on the reference materials you read earlier


  • Attend ONE Level 2/3 class within the year

    • At least ONCE IN YOUR LIFETIME attend an Advanced ESB or SOP class with Dr. Dain Heer (3 or 3.5 day ESB; 3.5 or 4 day SOP)

    • Attend the Facilitators class each year

    • To keep your facilitators license you must either facilitate or attend a Foundation & One each year.

    • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: attend Gary's annual re-write class of Foundation and Level One (currently twice a year)

    Please note that these requirements can change at any time and Gary may add additional classes or teleclasses as Access changes all the time!

    Please see the Access website and Shop for the prices for all of these classes and telecalls.

    For upcoming facilitators trainings click here

Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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