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The Symphony of Possibilities – 4 Day Advanced Training with Dr. Dain Heer

What if you are the composer of your reality? What if you have the capacity to be the maestro of the Universe? Is it time to become what you were always meant to be?

Introducing The Symphony of Possibilities, a 4 day advanced training where you become intimately aware of energies and learn how to truly utilize them to create your life, living and a totally different reality.

Are you aware that your capacities with energies are…unique? Do you know that the way you resonate with the world is a fantastic, phenomenal and an absolute gift? Are you ready to step into and BE all of that now?

What if WE, acoustically vibrating as us, create an energetic symphony of possibilities that changes the world and the planet?

Is now the time to physically actualize a totally different reality?
Is now the time to step into the awareness of what is actually possible?
Is now the time to change the world by your very touch?

Then this class may be what you been looking for, for a very long time.

This is a training like no other! Dain uses his energetic transformation process, the Energetic Synthesis of Being, to open up the space of infinite possibilities and invites you to discover your capacities by working energetically on other people in the class.

With the facilitation of Dain, and together with the group, you begin to access all that is truly available to you.

Duration: 4 days
Facilitator: Dain Heer
Price: $3000 full price/$2250 if repeating within 18 months (25% off)
Pre-requisites: Access Bars, Foundation, Level 1, 2, 3 and an ESB class

Class Details

Pre-requisites: Access Bars, Foundation, Level 1, 2&3 + ESB or SOP
Facilitator: Dr. Dain Heer
Date: 16/Aug/2013 - 19/Aug/2013
Time: Class begins Friday @ 7pm. Registration will open @ 5:30 thanks!
Location: Fess Parker's Double Tree Resort
633 E. Cabrillo Blvd.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101, California, USA
Cost: $1800US or $1350US if repeating within past 12 months. Everyone will receive a recording of the class as a downloadable MP3, with all the processing. The more you listen, the more dynamic the possibilities for change will be.
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PDFInternational Class Fees - Dr. Dain Heer's Classes
Event Coordinator/Contact: Heidi Kirkpatrick - 619.602.8142
Notes: Please be sure to register for this class to reserve your spot!
You do not have to pay in advance for this class, however we would like to know if you're intending to join us!

Fess Parker's Double Tree Resort
633 E. Cabrillo Blvd.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

You will receive accommodation information in the auto responder once you register!

Please contact class host:
Heidi Kirkpatrick - heidi@accessconsciousness.com or 619.602.8142

Please note that the Symphony of Possibilities Advanced training will be part of the prerequisite as part of becoming a Facilitator starting for December Facilitators in Australia.

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This event is closed and does accept further registrations


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