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☎ The Elements of Intimacy

The Elements of Intimacy: Creating intimacy beyond the confines of this reality.

Have you ever wondered what it would take to create phenomenal relationships and true intimacy with others?

If you have ever heard “you have to work on yourself first?” you may have found that phrase intensely irritating.

Where do you begin with creating intimacy and honoring for yourself when you have no reference point for what true intimacy even is?

In this new teleseries, The Elements of Intimacy, Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer will break down intimacy into the 5 concrete elements of honor, trust, vulnerability, allowance and gratitude, and give you pragmatic tools to begin choosing and creating true intimacy with yourself and others today.

Join us in this uncharted territory for a look at creating intimacy beyond the confines of this reality.

Are you ready for you?

Class Details

Pre-requisites: Level One
Facilitator: Gary Douglas  &  Dr. Dain Heer
Date: 8/Oct/2013 - 10/Nov/2013
Time: 2pm PDT/California time
Location: Your phone
Your home
Your town
Cost: $550US
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Notes: Click here to find your local time and dates for these calls!.

You will receive:
· 6 x 90 minute live calls where you can ask questions on the line.
· A recording of each call plus you can email in your questions to be answered in the following call.
· A recording of the clearings.
· A copy of the written clearings for each call.

Class Dates - Class time based from - 2pm PST/Pacific/California unless otherwise noted!

Sept 11th- Honor - Call complete
Sept 24th- Trust - Call complete
Oct 8- Allowance
Oct 15- Vulnerability
Oct 29th- Gratitude
Nov 11th- Creating Intimacy Beyond the Confines of This Reality

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This event is closed and does accept further registrations


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