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☀ Access Consciousness® at Expos

Access Consciousness® is often represented at events, festivals, expos, conferences and exhibitions in different parts of the world.

Visit an Access Consciousness® stand and you will find people who are using the tools, techniques and philosophy's of Access Consciousness® to change their lives. You can sample The Bars, other body-work or browse through the varied books and products that cover most areas of life.

See available events listed below and come visit us at the Access Consciousness® Stand.

Class Details

Pre-requisites: None
Facilitator: Ziporah Hildebrandt
Date: 26/Feb/2014 - 26/Feb/2014
Time: 8 pm EST
Location: you in New England
your phone
New England, USA
Cost: FREE telecall
PDFInternational Class Fees - only for 'Core Classes'
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Event Coordinator/Contact: Ziporah & Gloria
Notes: What would you like to create in your world? What classes, facilitators, clearings would you like to enjoy in your area?

There are facilitators coming to New England this year, and more who'd like to come and what would YOU like to invite? WHO excites you? If you could have any class, with any facilitator, who and what would that be?

Would you like to connect with other people doing Bars and Access right here in New England? What would it take for us to find each other? Swap Bars sessions? Have fun with energy and consciousness?

Do you know people who would love Access if they could get a taste of what else IS possible? How fast change can be with these amazing tools? What would it take to create that for all of us?

This is a call for those of us living in New England, choosing to expand our consciousness, our ease with Access tools, and grow Access in our region. What would it take to have more people to play with? To have more classes, more fun, more energy, more awareness, more change?

This is also a call for facilitators who are interested in being a contribution here. What excites YOU about coming to New England? What would you like to offer? What's light about here and us?

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This event is closed and does accept further registrations


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