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☎ The ESC Goes Symphonic - A 3 Day adventure in Be-ing Energy

The ESC Goes Symhponic with Dr. Dain Heer from Dain Heer on Vimeo.

This is something that has never been done before as a tele call -- a 3-part adventure into the energies of communion, live from the The Symphony of Possibilities Advanced Training in Toronto in August 1-4!

The aim of this special tele call series is to change the very platform we function from in this area, opening up a whole new vibration in the world…in just three days.

The Energetic Synthesis of Communion (ESC) is going….SYMPHONIC!

Are you ready to add your knowing, be-ing and unique resonance to this co-creation?
For one hour, for three consecutive days, you're invited to join Dr Dain Heer, the people in the Symphony training and participants from all over the world in exploring and generating the energetic possibilities of a symphonic communion.

Is now the time?

What is an ESC & how do you participate on a telecall?

You could call it a kind of meditation, if you require a word. We suggest you put your phone on speaker and lay down, perceiving, receiving and being the energies of communion and of all other beings on the phone – and, if you’re willing, maybe the entire Universe.

What is the Symphony of Possibilities?

The SOP is truly on the creative edge of Access Consciousness. It's a 4-day advanced training with Dr. Dain Heer, where he facilitates people to become intimately aware of energies and learn how to truly utilize them to create their life and a totally different reality! The class invites you to a space where miracles occur -- with total ease.

Class Details

Pre-requisites: F/L1 OR a 3,5 Day Being You, Changing the World Event
Facilitator: Dr. Dain Heer
Date: 2/Aug/2014 - 4/Aug/2014
Time: 10am PST/California time (PST)
Location: Your Phone
Your Home
Your Town
Cost: $275US
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Notes: 3-Part Telecall Series with Dr. Dain Heer
August 2, 3 & 4 at 10 am Pacific
Pre-Reqs: F/L1 OR a 3,5 Day Being You, Changing the World Event

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