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X-Men: Creating The Real Future


The "X Men" are the "different" ones. The ones that don't fit in. Ever.

They're the misfits, the weird ones, the round pegs that are trying to fit into square holes, the ones that are so different they stand out wherever they go. The ones with talents and abilities that are often misunderstood and are labeled as "disabled" or "wrong" by most of the world.

But they're actually the gifted ones. The ones with talents and abilities that go beyond what the world has ever seen. They're something that has never been. If you’ve ever watched the X-Men movies, or read the Marvel comics, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

They're what the world needs right now. The future is dependent upon the X Men generation, the X Men Kids.

“The future for the X-Men kids is dependent on us learning how to deal with them, learning what’s true, and learning how to promote and increase their abilities, and not try to make them live like us.” – Gary Douglas, Founder Access Consciousness

“There is a different world that is being created right now, more and more people are empowered every day to make choices that they didn’t have available before. Facilitating these classes and using the tools made the whole world and universe make sense to me, not in a logical way, but with total lightness and clarity.” Diva Diaz, X-Men Facilitator

Class Details

Pre-requisites: COP within 12 months OR a COP (Formerly 2/3) at any time AND any class (3 days or longer) with G or D within 12 months
Facilitator: Gary Douglas  &  Diva Diaz
Date: 13/Apr/2017 - 15/Apr/2017
Time: Registrations from 8:30am, class begins at 9:30am
Location: The Westin Galleria
5060 W Alabama St
Houston, Texas, USA
Cost: $2000
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PDFInternational Class Fees - Gary Douglas & Dr Dain Heer's Classes
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We have created a fantastic group rate for our event at the Westin. It’s located directly in the Galleria for easy access to the food court or the delicious shopping and so much more!

The rate is $159 USD per night for a King or 2 Queens beds. ClickHERE to book online
or call the Westin directly.

If you have any questions about this class, please contact your local host(s) - Karlina

This is the LIVE version of this class. If you would like to join us ONLINE please go HERE

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