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Joy of Being YOU through Horses

Is it time to change every days madness and re-connect with you, the life you are living and the bliss it can be?

Horses will greet you with a true immediacy, caring, potency, allowance, total presence, and with absolutely no judgments. They invite us to their universe of consciousness, from where you can change what is required to be the joy of being you.

This class has horses as co facilitators that invite you to dynamic change and new possibilities. How would it be to receive you as the magic and the gift you truly are? Horses receive you for who you truly be, are you willing to receive from them?
With tools and processes from Access Consciousness® and through being with and playing with horses you will:

*Get more clarity and awareness what is really true for you
*Generate and create communion with you and other in presence and vulnerability
*Access to what is true and to your potency and power
*Congruency and clarity and more body awareness
*Receive and gift healing from and to horses

The course is designed to remove limitations and blocks that stops miracles to show up in you life. Come and be transformed; experience the joy, peace, intensity and magic of horses and the joy of being you.

Class Details

Pre-requisites: None
Facilitator: Anna Ullenius
Date: 5/May/2017 - 7/May/2017
Time: 9.30-17.30
Location: Foymount Farm
3837 Foymount, Eganville
Ontario, Canada
Cost: 1350 canadian dollar
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Event Coordinator/Contact: Angela Muskat
Notes: Warmly Welcome to a class that in a very different way will facilitate you to ALL of you. The class is co facilitated by horses and their amazing energetic awareness, kindness and potency.

Bring comfortable clothes for outside temperature.

For more information please contact Angela Muskat at mail@angelatmuskat.com
or Anna at + 46 (0)708198893, email: anna@annaullenius.com

WIth Joy / Anna and Angela

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Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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