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Talk to the Entities - Introduction

Talk to the Entities Introductions are two-hour live classes conducted around the world and usually followed by a live TTTE Beginning classes.
Talk to the Entities Introduction is a great way to get your feet wet with Talk to the Entities and begin to see the breadth and depth of this work.

It is about introducing people to an easier and more enjoyable world and possibility with entities and ghosts.

Taking this subject from creepy, unknown and scary into matter of fact, clear and applicable tools that can benefit every one.

Entities are a huge part of our lives, whether you realize it or not. We are all entities and one day our bodies will pass and we will go onto choose, choose and choose. Wouldn't it be nice to do it consciously?

Introductions have no prerequisites and are open to any one with an interest.

Class Details

Pre-requisites: none
Facilitator: Emanuella Kemp
Date: 31/Mar/2017 - 31/Mar/2017
Time: 7pm-9pm
Location: House of Chaos
West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Cost: 75 Cnd
PDFInternational Class Fees - only for 'Core Classes'
PDFInternational Class Fees - Gary Douglas & Dr Dain Heer's Classes
Event Coordinator/Contact: Kim Courchaine 778-888-7139 kim.courchaine@gmail.com
Notes: This class has no prerequisites. Everyone is welcome.

It is the first night of the Whole New World as well
Your hosts are Kim Courchaine 778-888-71439

Torsten Tabel 604-283-4383

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