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Body Awareness Event - December 2016

In the words of Access Consciousness Founder, Gary Douglas... If you really want to have a greater awareness of the world, you have to also have your body included in that. So many people, especially in the metaphysical communities, have disconnected from their body and it’s only about their spirit. But the reality is, the body and spirit work together to create everything that appears on the planet. So, if you really want to create a greater world, you have to do it with your body, not outside of your body. Not in opposition of your body but with your body. 

What kind of awareness could you have that would create something greater than you have ever had before in all areas of your life?

Your body is the one that needs money, your body is the one that eats food, your body is the one that needs shelter, your body is the one that determines where you want to live.  If we had a greater awareness of and worked together with our body, we could create not only a greater aspect for us, but a greater world for everyone. 

Welcome to Body Awareness Weekend -
The Beginning of A Greater World for Everyone

This listing represents an event that is a part of Body Awareness Weekend where people all over the world will gather to celebrate and honor bodies over the course of 2 days - December 17-18 (wherever you are in the world)!

NOTE: This particular event has it's own specific date, time, and length of event so scroll down to see details about this particular fun body event and register below to attend this event!

Class Details

Pre-requisites: See notes (none unless mentioned)
Facilitator: Bettina Madini
Date: 21/Jan/2017 - 21/Jan/2017
Time: 10:30am-2:30pm
Location: Sky Blue Dreams Wellness Center
135 Ormsby St (Hwy 82)
Oxford, Wisconsin, USA
Cost: $10 suggested
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Notes: Receive awareness, kindness and nurturing for you and your body.

10:30am-noon am Introduction
Receive some pragmatic tools that you can use in your daily life
12 - 2:30pm Body process exchange and taster
Learn how easy it is to gift and receive energy. We will introduce a body
process called "Restoration of Communion with the Earth".
What ease is possible when we allow the receiving? The earth desires to gift to us and to our bodies. Our bodies are made from the earth. Could it be that our bodies know how to receive these subtle energies?

Jill and Bettina, your hosts, are looking forward to this day and to meeting you!
Could this day create more ease for your life? For the holidays?
Suggested donation: $10.
Registration: click HERE

For questions, please contact Bettina Madini at 608-807-1158 or Jill Bachmann at 715-252-4421.
We will have coffee, tea and joy!

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