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☎ Talk to the Animals Specialty Series

***Talk To the Animals is a system for learning how to work with, be with, facilitate, contribute to, receive from and have overall ease and peace with the Animal Kingdom.***

These pragmatic tools give you the possibility to have more awareness of the animals you live with, the possibility to deal with the changes life has to offer and to trust your animals' and your choices in the process.

These tools, like no others, allow the ease with any situation in living with your animal. Every part of this series focuses on specific situations and life stages of your pet and gives you the tools to be with that in a different and dynamic way.

You will be able to ask your topic specific questions on the live calls and the tools and clearings will forever be in your toolbox to use. Each topic has three calls of 90 Minutes each on 3 consecutive days. This way each topic can be explored in depth. The approach is way different from anything you have experienced before, as the tools are pragmatic and designed to work!

Please join for the whole series, or just one 3 part tele call of your choice. What we will be covering in this series includes ‘How to pick a pet’, ‘Tools to bring the into your home with ease’, ‘Leadership, the myths and what works’, ‘Dealing with leaving for vacation and other special occasions’, ‘Healthcare’, ‘Relationships to other animals, you and other people’, ‘Aging and Death’, ‘Dealing with Animal Abuse’, ‘The monetary aspects of having pets’, ‘Modifying the pet's unwanted behaviors’, ‘Dealing with the hard to explain behaviors our pets might have’, ‘Fully receiving from your animals’.

Class Details

Pre-requisites: none
Facilitator: Suzy Godsey
Date: 29/Jan/2017 - 31/Jan/2017
Time: 9:00am MST
Location: Your Phone, Your Computer~Worldwide
Cost: $275.00
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Notes: TTASS #11: Creating A Relationship That Works & What To Do When It Doesn't
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For a description of this topic and to register use the link below. Once you register, you will receive an email with the dial in and webcast information.


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