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Right Body for You Taster class

What if change with your body is possible? What if you could have a body free of pain? What if your body has a consciousness of its own? And what if the key to changing your body was not judging it?

Right Body for you is an amazing and totally different type of body program. It uses the Access Consciousness tools and techniques that work at the energetic level to create change with your body quickly and easily.

What else is possible?

Each Right Body for You taster class is unique. Please see below for Facilitator and class information.

Class Details

Pre-requisites: None
Facilitator: Maggie Schlarb
Date: 10/Feb/2017 - 10/Feb/2017
Time: 6-9pm
Location: Photo Divine
842 1/2 Main Avenue
Durango, CO, Colorado, USA
Cost: $60
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What if you no longer had to wish you had your old body back?

A class for you to start enjoying living in a body rather than feeling shameful or hiding yourself.

Gain tools, tips, and insight for discovering the right body for you!

What if your body was far more beautiful than you’ve ever known or allowed yourself to see?

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Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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