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★ VIDEO REPLAY POD: How to Get Everything You Want (Without Working That Hard)

Eight years ago I was sitting in class and Gary Douglas off-handedly said “If you want to know how to manipulate, talk to Blossom. That girl can get anything.”


I didn’t know how to take it at the time. I’d grown up in a world where the word manipulation was not exactly a good thing. It meant to get one over on others. Or to get what you desire at the expense of someone.


That is neither the kind of manipulation Gary was talking about, nor the kind that lights up my being.


The old definition of manipulation is: To skillfully or artfully manage.


What if you could artful manage every energy that dances into your life?


What if you could enchant the world to bend to your desire?


What if you could truly get anything you desire, without working so hard all the time to get it?


And what if your manipulations could leave others feeling more empowered rather than less?


Over the years I have asked many many questions on this topic and been tutored by the very best. In watching Gary I have seen the possibility to use the awareness you have to invite someone to choosing something greater for their own life. I have seen manipulation truly create.


How you do tickle someone into showing up?


What does it take to get people to do what you desire and be happy to do it? Or even to think it was their own idea?


For the last 5 years I have been resisting giving this class… and it seems that now is the time. I’d love to share everything I have learned from Gary about manipulation over the last 8 years, and everything I came in knowing…. Oh yeah, and to find out what you know as well.


What would you create if you knew you could get anything?


*This is an advanced level class with Choice of Possibilities as the prerequisite.


Class Details

Pre-requisites: Choice of Possibilities (previously Level 2/3)
Facilitator: Blossom Benedict  &  Emiko Watanabe
Date: 1/Feb/2017 - 3/Feb/2017
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Cost: $1250USD
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PDFInternational Class Fees - Gary Douglas & Dr Dain Heer's Classes
Event Coordinator/Contact: Emiko Watanabe - emiko11968@gmail.com

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