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7 Easy Ways To Make Money

What is your point of view about money?
What judgments do you have about money? How much you have? How much you don¹t have?
Do you have a limited amount of money that can show up in your life?
Simone, founder of Joy of Business, was $187K in debt when she met Gary Douglas the founder of Access Consciousness®. She first ignored the tools that would actually change her life, her business and her money flows, deciding that the tools were for others and would not work on her. Does that sound familiar? How many of you have come to a conclusion that you cannot change your money situation?
You can change anything. This class will offer you 7 easy ways to make money.
You have to be willing to change your point of view and do something different.
Anything is possible.
What is the worst thing that could happen? You change nothing or you could change your entire life. What would you like to choose?

Class Details

Pre-requisites: none
Facilitator: Max Zoulek
Date: 7/Apr/2017 - 7/Apr/2017
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Location: TBA
Taipei, Taiwan
Cost: $75USD (country pricing applies)
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Notes: 輕鬆賺錢的7種方法

你對錢有什麼批判? 你有多少錢? 你缺乏多少錢?
出現在你的生活裡的錢 是有限的嗎?
事業的喜悅(Joy of Busines)的創始人西蒙(Simone)初識AccessConsciousness®的創始人Gary Douglas時,背負187,000美元的債務。 她忽略了能夠徹底的改變她的生活,她的事業和金錢流的方法及工具。 當時她的預設立場是: 這些工具只對別人有效,對她不會有效。 這聽起來很熟悉嗎? 你們之中有多少人下的結論是:你不能改變你的金錢狀況?
你是可以改變任何事物的。 這個課程將為您提供7種輕鬆的賺錢方式。
可能發生的最糟糕的事情會是什麼? 是你什麼也不改變,或者你可以讓你的生活全然改觀。 你想怎麼選擇呢?

先修課程: 無
導師: Max Zoulek
日期: 2017/04/07
時間: 7pm – 9pm
地點: 未定 台灣台北市
費用: $75USD/2300TWD
($60USD/2000TWD at 80%)


Are you ready to have more money in your life?!

Listed price is 100%, country pricing applies (80% of listed price for Taiwanese)

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