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★ VIDEO REPLAY Class: How “Being You” Changes the World

If you were being you -- who would you be? What if you, truly being you, is all it takes to change everything…and the world?

There is so much out there inviting you to get in touch with your higher self, telling you to be authentic, inspiring you to think positive and find your life’s purpose, encouraging you to reach for a state of being above where you are now … all of it based on the premise that who you are right now, is not enough, and somehow wrong.

What if the idea that there’s something wrong with you, is the biggest lie you’ve ever bought?
What if who you are is far greater than you (or anyone else) has ever acknowledged?
What if your life is about how you live on this planet and change it?
What if you could wake up every day again with enthusiasm for being alive?

Dr. Dain Heer is an internationally renowned author, speaker and facilitator of consciousness and change. He invites people to truly live -- to live without apology, with total presence, no longer needing to hide their differences and unique capacities from the world.

In May this year, he facilitated a special evening class called ’How being You Changes the World’. It was streamed online live and is now also available as online replays worldwide.

Join a local Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator or Bars Facilitator for a replay viewing of this special evening class filled with change.

This evening will invite you to know that you have all the answers to you and your life. It will inspire YOU to discover how you, being you, will change the world. Together with everyone in your screening, Dain will introduce you to the energy of who you truly BE and restore you to the awareness of greater possibilities and more choice, for you and the creation of your life.

What if the change in your life and the world you've been looking is actually available now?

Could this be exactly what you've been waiting for? Well then…welcome to a totally different possibility somewhere close to you!

Class Details

Pre-requisites: None
Facilitator: Dr. Dain Heer  &  Claire A Brockman, NCBTMB instructor
Date: 11/Mar/2017 - 11/Mar/2017
Time: 6:30-9:00p
Location: Focused Lyfe
9 Spring St
Newnan, Georgia, USA
Cost: $20
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Notes: Topic: What if all that is required is YOU being YOU for your life to change?
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2 tables will be available for those who would like to use this time to do a Bars Trade.
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