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🌎 Access Streamed Online POD: Out of the Box

Is it time to get out of the box that you’ve created as your life?

“Getting out of the box is realizing that your life is stifled in so many ways and knowing that you need to change it, but having no idea how to do so. So when you realized that you need to change then you need tools that will help you change and that’s what this class will give you” - Gary Douglas

If you had the tools to create the change that you didn’t even know you could ask for.. what would be possible for you and the world that you haven’t considered yet?

Class Details

Pre-requisites: Access Bars
Facilitator: Gary Douglas  &  Anette Reib
Date: 4/Mar/2017 - 5/Mar/2017
Time: 09:30 - 18.30
Location: Tomas Friis
Slotsgade 14A, 1.
Hillerød, Denmark
Cost: $1500
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Event Coordinator/Contact: Anette Reib - anredk@yahoo.dk
Notes: Gary Douglas har de mest fantastiske tricks til, hvordan du kan bryde lænkerne af forventninger, fordomme og udefra kommende pres. Så du får mulighed for at finde ind til dig og de ting, der betyder noget for DIG.
Du vil blive inviteret til at vælge DIG og med udgangspunkt i DIG begynde en rejse, der vil give dig mere glæde, frihed og handlerum.

Steamingen foregår hos
Tomas Friis,
Slotsgade 14A, 1
3400 Hillerød
(Du skal ind gennem smedejernslågen ved siden af Click)

Klassen koster 1.500,00 $
(Betales direkte til Access Consciousness™)
Jeg vil sørge for drikkevarer, salt og sødt under selve klassen.

Gary Douglas holder forholdsvise lange frokost pauser, så der vil være rig mulighed for, at hente frokost i gågaden.

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