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🌎 Access Streamed Online: Being You, Changing the World 3,5-Day Event

You are invited to attend this class online. Online classes allow you to participate in a live class from your lounge room or anywhere you have Internet access.

Join us in "live time" or anytime after the event that works for you! You will have access to the video REPLAY to watch again and again any time you choose in as little as 6 hours or less after the finish of the "live time" showing.

What would it be like if you created a bigger life and a reality worth playing in? What choices could you make that would be life changing and change the world?

Are you always asking for more, being more, and looking for that “something” we all know is possible? What if that “something” is YOU? What if you, being you, are all it takes to change everything – your life, everyone around you and the world?

The Being You, Changing the World events are not about achievements and successes… these classes are about stepping into the amazing possibilities of YOU and the gift you are here to be in the world. 

Building on Dr. Heer’s book Being You, Changing the World, this class features a method Dain has developed and continues to expand. He uses the tools of Access Consciousness® in combination with the unique transformational energy process he has developed, called The Energetic Synthesis of Being.

Please know, choosing to come to one of these events could radically change the way you function in the world!

1. These Being You Events are about empowering you to know that you know. They give you an energetic experience of being that you won’t find anywhere else and that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

2. They will provide you with a set of tangible, practical and dynamic tools that can assist you in changing any area of your life: your relationships, your body, your money situation and… your future!

3. You’ll experience Dain’s ESB work live! Dain works simultaneously with the beings and bodies in the class to create a space that allows the change you are asking for to come to be. In working with one person, the whole class is invited to that transformation!

4. To these events, Dr. Dain Heer invites some amazing Access Consciousness facilitators. They will give you additional insight and tools in areas such as business, parenting and bodies before or after class, in the mornings and evenings.

The truth is, you’re the person who is creating your reality and you’re the one that can choose something different. Is now the time to start creating the future and the world you know is possible? 

Welcome to the adventure of being fully alive!

Please go here to find out more and sign up for a free video series about BEING YOU with Dr Dain Heer: http://beingyouclass.com

International speaker, author and facilitator of advanced Access Consciousness® workshops worldwide, Dr Dain Heer’s unique and transforming points of view on bodies, money, relationship and creating the future transcend everything currently being taught. Within Access, Dr. Heer has developed a unique energy process for change for individuals and groups, called The Energetic Synthesis of Being®.

He invites and inspires people to more consciousness from total allowance, caring, humor and a phenomenal knowing. Dr. Heer has a completely different approach to healing. He teaches people to tap into and recognize their own abilities and knowing. The energetic transformation possible is fast --- and truly dynamic.

3,5 days


Full price: $1,800
This includes MP3 audio recordings of the class.

Repeat price: $1,350
You will get a repeat price of this class if you have been to a Being You, Changing the World 3.5-Day Event, OR an ESB Intensive, OR an SOP Training OR a Maestro Training within the past 12 months from the first day of class.

Other prices: Children 15 years and under are welcome for free when attending with a paying adult or at the arrangement/discretion of the facilitator. Teenagers at 16 and 17 years of age pay half price.

Global pricing applies.

Class Details

Pre-requisites: None
Facilitator: Dr. Dain Heer
Date: 29/Sep/2017 - 2/Oct/2017
Time: This class begins FRIDAY night at 7pm and continues Saturday, Sunday and Monday! See below to find your time in the world.
Location: Your Computer
Your Home
your town
Cost: $1800/$1350 if repeating within 12 months
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Event Coordinator/Contact: streaming@accessconsciousness.com
Notes: Find your time in the world for Friday 29th - here

Saturday to Sunday - here

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