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The Being You Adventure Book Club

In 2011, Dr Dain Heer wrote the Being You, Changing the World book. Over the years, it has become so much more than a book... Today it is a class, a video series, a book club, a facilitators program and much more. It is becoming a movement, a being you movement created by you all and your demand to be you, to be the difference, to be more.

This is an invitation to join the Being You Facilitators as they go back and explore the source of all of this — the book!

Join us on a free exploration through the magical chapters of Being You, Changing the World. We’ll visit 16 chapters over 16 weeks.

What unexpected magic can you create and access as you delve into these pages together with a group of like-minded dreamers?

Is now the time?

Sign up below or go here to find out more: beingyoubookclub.com

Class Details

Pre-requisites: None
Facilitator: Doris Schachenhofer  &  A Facilitator
Date: 20/Mar/2017 - 26/Jun/2017
Time: 20:30
Location: On your computer via Zoom!
Cost: FREE!
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Notes: Chapter 1 - 13. März 2017

Chapter 2 - 20. März 2017

Chapter 3 - 27. März 2017

Chapter 4 -
3. April 2017

Chapter 5 - 10. April 2017

Chapter 6 - 17. April 2017

Chapter 7 - 24. April 2017

Chapter 8 - 1. Mai 2017

Chapter 9 - 8. Mai 2017

Chapter 10 - 15. Mai 2017

Chapter 11 - 22. Mai 2017

Chapter 12 - 29. Mai 2017

Chapter 13 - 5. Juni 2017

Chapter 14 -

Chapter 15 -

Chapter 16 -

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