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☎ From FED UP to Phenomenal!

Are you ready to Embrace & Celebrate Your Difference?
Based on my soon to be published book!

“Unless you are willing to recognize that you are different, you cannot create beyond the maximum limitations that someone else is willing to have.” ~ Gary Douglas

What else can be facilitated and changed with your willingness to embrace and celebrate your difference and the magic of you that you BE?

Do you ever take a look at your life and wonder…. Who am I living my life for?
What is my reality? And what would it take to start living it?

Would you like to have a different possibility?
If you are looking to show up in the world embracing and celebrating your difference then consider that NOW!

Would you be willing to see and be the phenomenal YOU?

If you are ready to truly embrace and celebrate YOU and the difference that you BE come and play so that you get to create a life that you love beyond the limitations of this reality.

If you could create anything beautiful and amazing today, and you had unlimited money, what would you choose?

Were you born to live life as an adventurer and hedonist?
Would you like to embrace and celebrate the difference, the gift and magic of you?

Class Details

Pre-requisites: None
Facilitator: Margaret Braunack
Date: 11/Apr/2017 - 11/Apr/2017
Time: 7am Brisbane Australia
Location: WORLDWIDE ZOOM. On Your Phone or Computer.
Cost: $195.See Below
PDFInternational Class Fees - only for 'Core Classes'
PDFInternational Class Fees - Gary Douglas & Dr Dain Heer's Classes
Notes: This Tele Class Series is based on my soon to be published book "From Fed Up to Phenomenal".
Embracing and Celebrating Your Difference!
What would your life BE like if you acknowledged your Difference?

1st Call FREE – Tuesday 14th March
2nd Call – 28th March
3rd Call – 4th April
4th Call – 11th April
Investment: $195AUD for AUS/NZ/CAD/INDIA
$195USD for all other countries

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Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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