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Demolecular Manifestation & Molecular Demanifestation

This class will teach you how to apply the energies of Demolecular Manifestation & Molecular Demanifestation. These are energies that can be run on many things, for example, water, wine, food, bodies, plastic ... that will allow them to change their molecular structure into something different.

A favorite, is to run them on a glass of wine, asking the wine to become delicious, nutritious and oh so yummy for your body. Try it on your food, your body, your boyfriend ... who knows what may change?

Fun with wine at Mission Beach. Queensland. DM & MD energies were run on some very bad wines, to see if they could be changed. This video begins with the judges taste-testing the results.

Class Details

Pre-requisites: None
Facilitator: Chelsea Gibson
Date: 27/Mar/2017 - 27/Mar/2017
Location: Wild Rose Wellness
1092 4th Avenue
Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
Cost: 80
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