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☎ The Gift of Embodiment Series

With Kalpana Raghuraman, CF

- The Ease of Embodiment

Do you ever feel like when you were born, they forgot to provide the manual with information about how to be with your body?
Do you ever feel, it should be easier to communicate with your body?
Do you ever feel, you and your body speak totally different languages and so you are ‘lost in translation’?

This class or call will be looking at creating your body as a space of ease rather than disease, discomfort or limitations.
And if you then follow what your body knows, trust what it is saying — would you a

- The Receiving of Embodiment

Receiving is so not done in this reality. And yet it is through receiving that our bodies can thrive and contribute to our living.

How much separation do we function from between ourselves and nature?
How often are we willing to let our bodies receive from everything and everybody around us?
What if we can start to melt away those barriers that are limiting the possibilities with and for our bodies?

This call or class will hence allow you to start to tap into the greatness of embodiment and the communion with earth that is just a choice away.

- The Seduction of Embodiment

Our bodies hold so many energies that are waiting to be tapped into: sensual energies, sexual energies, orgasmic energies.
These energies are judged in this reality and only ‘permitted’ in very specific and limited situations
What if this no longer has to be true for you?
Will you choose to unlock these sensual, sexual, potent energies?

What if your willingness to be that effervescent, juicy being that you are would allow others to choose that too?
What if your willingness to be so present with all energies that your body holds and offers, will allow you to Be the Seduction of Embodiment?

Class Details

Pre-requisites: None
Facilitator: Kalpana Raghuraman
Date: 26/Jun/2017 - 28/Jun/2017
Time: 21:00-22:30
Location: your computer
Cost: 150€
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Notes: The Gift of Embodiment is a 3-part telecall including:
=> The Ease of Embodiment,
=> The Receiving of Embodiment,
=> The Seduction of Embodiment.

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