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Looking for a Access Consciousness® on the radio - internet or airwaves

More and more radio stations are broadcasting the energy of Access Consciousness®. Gary Douglas, Dr. Dain Heer and a growing number of facilitators have their own radio shows with great interviews and discussions on a wide range of topics.

Many of these shows are Free-To-Air!

Class Details

Pre-requisites: None
Facilitator: Kass Thomas
Date: 4/Apr/2017 - 4/Apr/2017
Time: 8pm CET Check here your local time: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=How+to+invite+the+Magic+into+your+daily+life&iso=20170404T20&p1=215
Location: your computer
zooM... On line! - How to invite the Magic into your daily life
Cost: free
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Event Coordinator/Contact: info@kassthomas.com
Notes: How to invite the Magic into your daily life

How could adding more Magic into your daily life bring about the change you've been asking for?
"Show me the magic" is Step n. 1 in Kass Thomas magical little book on  Flawless Communication. It's 7 simple steps to establishing better communication with yourself, with your body and with everyone and everything you encounter. Being present is the first step to allow Magic to show up.
Are you willing to receive more magic in your daily life? 

Join Kass Thomas for a conversation about Magic and self and how to sprinkle your magic into every moment of your life.

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