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Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider

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Communication ~ Transformation ~ Partnership

"There is a level of consciousness that the horses have, where they can give to us in a way that we haven't even begun to imagine, something far greater than anything that anyone has ever been able to speak about.". Gary Douglas

Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider is a dynamic, leading edge Clinic inviting you to a totally different way of “being with” and “working with” horses. Horsemanship that includes BOTH horse and rider ~ every step of the way!

Utilizing the “Language of the Horse” and the pragmatic tools and techniques of Access Consciousness®, Gary inspires horse and rider to create a Partnership founded in a conscious connection, that few know is even possible as horsemanship!

No matter what the state of your current partnership with your horse, no matter what obstacles rider or horse perceives they have to overcome, this class is the invitation to change that and so much more!

This Clinic offers you a space to develop:

• Partnerships created from a simultaneity of TRUST ~ Rider/Horse, Horse/Rider
• Pragmatic TWO WAY communication ~ Language of: Body & Energy
• Techniques to easily and effortlessly change limitations for BOTH horse and rider
• Opening up to truly Receive from horses, in ways you never knew possible
• A knowing that the partnership you seek starts with your willingness to conspire with the whole horse and your acknowledgment of the horse as a majestic, conscious being.

Whether you are a Horse Enthusiast or a Horse Professional, you will come away from this Clinic with the foundational tools and skills to create the partnership your desire and more dynamic change than you ever imagined.

"I have spent years riding, training, being healed by and, enjoying the company of horses." Gary Douglas

Horses Speak, Gary Listens…. Will You?

Scheduled Classes

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Beginnings Clinic ~ Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment ESSE 11/Dec/2015 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Suzy Godsey
“Conversations With Dog” on BlogTalkRadio 23/Dec/2015 World Wide ~ Blogtalk Radio (Your Computer) Suzy Godsey
Beginnings Clinic ~ Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment ESSE 4/Jan/2016 Denton, Tx 76208, Texas, USA Suzy Godsey
Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider 7/Jan/2016 Denton, Tx 76208, Texas, USA Gary Douglas  & 
Suzy Godsey
Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider - Facilitator Training Class 10/Jan/2016 Denton, Tx 76208, Texas, USA Gary Douglas  & 
Suzy Godsey
Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider Clinic 20/Feb/2016 Johannesburg, South Africa Hanne Stigaard
Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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