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Access TeleClasses - Global Participation

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TeleClasses are very popular and provide an easy way for you to participate in a variety of Access Consciousness classes being offered worldwide.

TeleClasses are generally open line, which means you can ask questions of the facilitator and contribute to the call. Often, you are participating with people from all over the world, which adds a unique and powerful dynamic to each call ... global participation.

In addition to being on the live call, you will receive,

  • a recording of each call
  • *recordings or email of verbal processes
  • *bonus material
  • details on how to dial-in
  • regular updates on call times and access codes

What are people saying about teleclasses?

"You totally fill the space; like, you’re right there in my house. And even during the calls that you made from Europe, where the phone system was not-so-great, they were awesome and you two ... brilliant!"

"These teleclasses are really working. You process and discuss what you have, right now i.e. the classes are ‘current,’ and I’m at class more often; this allows me greater ease with the live-classes. It allows me, rather than being ‘fried’ most of the class, to contribute more"

Browse the current teleclass listing in the Class Schedule tab above. And check back as new classes are added regularly.

* These items are at the discretion of the facilitator and may vary between teleclasses.

Scheduled Classes

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Class Name




☎ A Taste of Access 13/Feb/2016 San Francisco , California, USA Faith Northam
☎ Practical Magic 14/Feb/2016 Your Country Patty Alfonso  & 
Za Harricharan
☎ How To Become Money Workbook Teleclass 15/Feb/2016 Netherlands Kalpana Raghuraman
☎ Eine Einführung zu Access Consciousness™ - durch die Tiere 16/Feb/2016 BEWUSSTSEIN - tierisch einfach, Germany Suzy Godsey  & 
Tanja Barth
☎ A Taste of Access 16/Feb/2016 on line Kass Thomas
☎ Emmène ton business jusqu'aux étoiles 16/Feb/2016 Kalpana Raghuraman
☎ PRAGMATIC Psychology!- Practical Tools For A Better World! - The Telecall! 17/Feb/2016 online, bei dir zu Hause Susanna Mittermaier
☎ How To Become Money Workbook Teleclass 18/Feb/2016 Florida, USA Dawn C. Meyer, LMT
☎ A Taste of Access 21/Feb/2016 San Francisco , California, USA Faith Northam
☎ Voice of Consciousness 22/Feb/2016 VOICE OF CONSCIOUSNESS, Germany Tanja Barth
☎ Monsters of Magic 23/Feb/2016 Your Town Dr. Dain Heer
☎ Business with an unfair advantage 24/Feb/2016 Your Town, Your Country, UK Mary Haines
☎ Conscious Footprints with Suzy Godsey ~ Creating for Planet Earth 28/Feb/2016 Your Phone or Computer ~ World Wide Suzy Godsey
☎ A Taste of Access 28/Feb/2016 Español y Portugués. Sylvia Puentes (Spanish & English)
☎ The Potency of Gratitude 29/Feb/2016 Your Town Gary Douglas
☎ X-Men: The Beginning of a Different Possibility 1/Mar/2016 Your Phone! Diva Diaz
☎ Creating Something From Nothing 2/Mar/2016 CREATING SOMETHING FROM NOTHING | Free Telecall, Texas, USA Curry Glassell
☎ How To Become Money Workbook Teleclass 16/Mar/2016 Florida, USA Dawn C. Meyer, LMT
☎ The Code of Allowance 4/Apr/2016 Your Town Gary Douglas
☎ The Seduction of Embodiment: Slip into All of You 11/Apr/2016 Kalpana Raghuraman
☎ Access Business 101 – Business Done Different 11/Apr/2016 Germany Katarina Nilsson, JCF
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