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Joy of Business

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Are you self employed? Do you own a business? Are you desiring to create more in your business and your life? Do you know that you can have and create more in business? Have you made business and money a necessity rather than a choice? Is it fun for you?

Do you have all the money you would like? Is it enough for you?

World wide coordinator of Access Consciousness® and author of JOY OF BUSINESS, Simone Milasas will give you tools you can use daily and invite you to change what is not working for you in business. Anything is possible!

You have to be willing to lose everything to have everything. What if change was the greatest risk and what if you required to change your point of view around business and money to have more?

Scheduled Classes

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JOY OF BUSINESS ADVANCED (2 days) 31/Aug/2014 San Francisco, California, USA Simone Milasas
JOY OF BUSINESS ADVANCED (2 days) 6/Sep/2014 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Simone Milasas
JOY of BUSINESS Taster 20/Sep/2014 Perth, WA, Australia Simone Milasas
JOY OF BUSINESS ADVANCED (2 days) 8/Nov/2014 Mumbai, India Simone Milasas
JOY OF BUSINESS ADVANCED (2 days) 10/Jan/2015 Mooloolaba, QLD, Australia Simone Milasas
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