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Access Level 1

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In Level 1 we begin to understand what it means to truly create our life as we desire it. This class will give you even greater awareness of infinite being and infinite choice. You will discover “What Else is Possible?®” in ways you never imagined!

Introduction by Access Consciousness® founder, Gary Douglas and Co-founder Dr. Dain Heer

After this class it becomes possible to have relationships with people that are rewarding (including the relationship we have with ourselves!). We also become aware of what it means to truly create our life as we desire it. What if you could generate anything you desire with ease? Money, sex and contribution to the earth are just the start!

The Foundation and Level One classes may be run together or separately by Certified Access Consciousness® Facilitators. You will get practical, real life tools including some hands-on body processes. The greatest potency is the ability to change and transform anything and everything.

Duration: 2 days

Pre-requisites: Access Bars and Foundation ***In order to register for Level 1 you must have taken the Foundation class that corresponds to the same rewrite as the Level 1 you are registering from. If Gary Douglas has rewritten Foundation & Level 1 since you have taken Access Foundation you must attend another Foundation (at the repeat price) in order to register for the new Level 1.

Scheduled Classes

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Class Name




Access Level 1 18/Apr/2015 Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand Helen Harvey
Access Level 1 18/Apr/2015 Opatija, Croatia Vladica Djordjevic
Access Level 1 18/Apr/2015 Centurion, Pretoria, South Africa Jenny Watkins  & 
Samantha Lewis
Access Level 1 18/Apr/2015 Long Island City, New York, USA Christine DiDomenico
Access Level 1 18/Apr/2015 D-35510 Butzbach, Germany Brigitte Ilseja Steiner
Access Level 1 19/Apr/2015 Asheville, North Carolina, USA Phoebe Gibbs
Il Livello 1 di Access 19/Apr/2015 Venezia, Italy Francesca Fiorentini
Access Level 1 19/Apr/2015 Melbourne, VIC, Australia Danielle Tooley
Access Level 1 19/Apr/2015 London, UK Lynsey Anne Beswick
Access Niveau 1 19/Apr/2015 PARIS 7ème, France Meena GOLL
Access Level 1 20/Apr/2015 North County San Diego, California, USA Cory Michelle Johnson
Access Level 1 20/Apr/2015 Hong Kong Pratima Nagaraj
Access Level 1 21/Apr/2015 גני תקווה, Israel Erella Shefy
Access Level 1 25/Apr/2015 STOCKHOLM, Sweden Anna-Lena Nygren
Access Poziom 1 25/Apr/2015 Bolanów koło Lubina, Poland Dorota Doris Wysocka
Access Stufe 1 25/Apr/2015 38112 Braunschweig, Germany Tanja Barth
Access Level 1 25/Apr/2015 St Jean du Gard, France Joelle Moore
Access Level 1 25/Apr/2015 San Francisco, California, USA Dr. Adriana Popescu
Access Level 1 25/Apr/2015 Brisbane, QLD, Australia Shauna Teaken
Access Level 1 25/Apr/2015 Emeryville (between Oakland and Berkeley), California, USA Lauren Polly, MEd. CCC-SLP
Access Stufe 1 25/Apr/2015 A-2424 Zurndorf, Austria Brigitte Ilseja Steiner
Access Level 1 26/Apr/2015 San Diego 92117, California, USA Donna DeGutis
Access Level 1 26/Apr/2015 Seattle, Washington, USA Danielle Varanda
Access Level 1 26/Apr/2015 Amersfoort, Netherlands Rachael O Brien
Access Level 1 26/Apr/2015 Valparaiso, Indiana, USA Emily Russell
Access Level 1 27/Apr/2015 Taipei City 100 (R.O.C.), Taiwan Jeanine Haeusler
Access Level 1 27/Apr/2015 London, NW1 3JA, UK Henrika Tonder
Access Level 1 28/Apr/2015 Rotorua, New Zealand Michelle Edhouse  & 
Glenn Edhouse
Access Level 1 29/Apr/2015 Pasadena, California, USA Sophie Robert (Mihalko)
Access Level 1 2/May/2015 Östersund, Sweden Monica Lundin
Access Level 1 2/May/2015 Jacksonvillle, Florida, USA Helen Gitlevich
Access Level 1 2/May/2015 Carstairs, Alberta, Canada Linda Adamowski
Access Level 1 2/May/2015 Hamilton, New Zealand Chrissie Shirley
Access Level 1 2/May/2015 SOUTH PERTH , WA, Australia Sarah Andros
Access Level 1 3/May/2015 San Francisco bay area, California, USA Nirmada Kaufman
Access Level 1 8/May/2015 Ubud, Indonesia Lela Thomas
Access Level 1 9/May/2015 75006 PARIS, France Philippe BEURDELEY
Access Level 1 10/May/2015 Brandon, Manitoba, Canada Julia Sotas
Access Niveau 1 14/May/2015 Paris, France Dr. Kacie Crisp
Access Level 1 16/May/2015 Helsingborg, Sweden Vladica Djordjevic
Access Level 1 16/May/2015 Borlänge, Sweden Monica Lundin
Access Level 1 16/May/2015 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA Megan Rae Theisen
Access Level 1 16/May/2015 Moorestown, New Jersey, USA Christine DiDomenico
Access Niveau 1 17/May/2015 Paris, France Henrika Tonder
Access Poziom 1 23/May/2015 Warszawa, Poland Kamila Dolota
Access Level 1 24/May/2015 40476 Düsseldorf, Germany Beate Grimberg
Access Level 1 24/May/2015 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Sophie Robert (Mihalko)
Access Stufe 1 24/May/2015 Mainz, Germany Susanna Mittermaier
Access Stufe 1 30/May/2015 78343 Gaienhofen/Hemmenhofen/Bodensee, Germany Brigitte Ilseja Steiner
Access Level 1 30/May/2015 Ireland Rachael O Brien
Access Level 1 30/May/2015 2850 Nærum, Denmark Helle Maximilla Antares  & 
Mariane Zoi Antares
Access Level 1 30/May/2015 HELSINGBORG, Sweden Lisen Bengtsson
Access Level 1 31/May/2015 San Rafael , California, USA Dr. Lisa Cooney, MFT
Access Level 1 31/May/2015 Göteborg, Sweden Anna Verhoef
Access Level 1 1/Jun/2015 Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA Gosia Lorenz
Access Level 1 6/Jun/2015 Upland, California, USA Andrea Loggins
Access Stufe 1 6/Jun/2015 6323 Bad Häring, Austria Liane Nova
Access Stufe 1 6/Jun/2015 Ludwigshafen Rheingönheim / Mannheim, Germany Pragya Sabine Erlei
Access Level 1 6/Jun/2015 COPENHAGEN, Denmark Lisen Bengtsson
Access Level 1 6/Jun/2015 Anna Ullenius
Access Level 1 6/Jun/2015 Calgary, Alberta, Canada Lisa Benitz
Access Level 1 6/Jun/2015 Denmark Eva Dalhoff
Access Stufe 1 7/Jun/2015 Vienna, Austria Susanna Mittermaier
Access Level 1 8/Jun/2015 Cork, Ireland Glenyce Hughes
Access Level 1 13/Jun/2015 Spokane, Washington, USA Sadie Rose Lake
Access Level 1 13/Jun/2015 Buffalo Grove, Illinois, USA Helen Gitlevich
Access Level 1 13/Jun/2015 Stockholm , Sweden Pernilla Helmersson
Access Niveau 1 14/Jun/2015 Marseilles, France Henrika Tonder
Access Level 1 15/Jun/2015 Denver, Colorado, USA Katherine McIntosh
Access Level 1 15/Jun/2015 Livingston, Montana, USA Jacque Chapman
Access Stufe 1 20/Jun/2015 8400 Winterthur, Switzerland Liane Nova
Access Stufe 1 20/Jun/2015 82407 Wielenbach, Germany Brigitte Ilseja Steiner
Access Niveau 1 21/Jun/2015 Cézac (33) vers Bordeaux, France Meena GOLL
Nivel 1 de Access 21/Jun/2015 Barcelona, Spain Dra. Claudia Cano
Access Level 1 22/Jun/2015 Edmonton, AB, Alberta, Canada Glenyce Hughes
Access Level 1 27/Jun/2015 Chicago, Illinois, USA Dr. Lisa Cooney, MFT  & 
Christine McCarthy
Access Level 1 28/Jun/2015 Atlanta GA 30308, Georgia, USA Joelle Moore
Access Level 1 18/Jul/2015 Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, UK Andrea Lazenby
Access Stufe 1 19/Jul/2015 Stuttgart, Germany Susanna Mittermaier
Access Level 1 26/Jul/2015 Forres / Scotland, UK Anne Clarke
Access Level 1 9/Aug/2015 Sunninghill, Johannesburg, South Africa Graeme Crosskill
Access Level 1 23/Aug/2015 Japan Shannon O'Hara
Access Level 1 4/Sep/2015 Israel Dr. Kacie Crisp
Access Level 1 13/Sep/2015 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Kali Lane
Access Niveau 1 14/Nov/2015 Annecy 74000, France Joelle Moore
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