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Access Consciousness TV

Welcome to a very different online TV site ... one that will inspire you, empower you and give you an adventure in possibilities like nothing else out there.

Access TV is a library and a live event venue. It features an accumulation of years of classes, events and tasters from Access Consciousness facilitators all in one place AND it's also a place to attend classes live…from your own home or by joining a what we call a "POD". We’re passionate about bringing inspiring content to every part of the world, so if there’s a topic you are interested in, or a class you’d like to take, it’s likely that you’ll find it right here at your fingertips…What are you looking for? What area of your life are you looking to expand? What questions do you have?
Access Consciousness is about empowering you to know that you know. Where would you like to begin? What if you were to let your knowing guide you through this site...a beginning adventure in trusting your knowing and you?

How much fun can you have exploring the possibilities of consciousness? Where everything exists and nothing is judged?

Go here to discover a totally different kind of TV! Access TV.
Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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