The Joy of Orgasmic Living!

Welcome to The Joy of Orgasmic Living!


What if this world and your body are meant to be fully enjoyed?

If you could have the unbounded pleasure of being alive, what else would be possible?

In this special 4-day advanced class, Dr Dain Heer will take the participants on the un-chartered journey into the exuberant joy of orgasmic living!

How often do you allow yourself to choose something for the pure pleasure of it? Without judgment?

How often do you choose to live your life from the adventure of what could show up, rather than the conclusion of what you or someone else decided it should be?

Using the energetic capacities that are opened up in the ESB and SOP classes, this group will explore the infinite possibility of our senses; touching, tasting, scenting, listening and seeing. All of those…and more.

What unique sense do you have that you are yet to discover?

Are you willing to explore an orgasmic way of living that has never been seen or experienced on the planet before?

Are you ready to walk through the world as the provocative beacon of that possibility?

Then this class is for you.


An ESB or SOP within the past year OR The Joy of Orgasm class in Dublin or Stockholm 2016. 

If you did not participate in the two Joy of Orgasm classes in 2016, and have the pre-reqs, Dain strongly suggest you purchase and watch the replays of one of the classes.

Please contact customer to get more information.

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