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Megan Haddock

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Name: Megan Haddock
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 867-334-8980
Location: Box 1247
Marsh Lake
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About Megan Haddock

What do you know that no one else knows? What capacities and awareness do you have that no one has ever acknowledged or given you credit for? Would you like to find out? What if, just ponder this for a moment, you are far greater than you can possibly imagine? I would highly recommend checking out Blossom Benedict's film Greater than Yesterday which you can stream at www.greaterthanyesterday.com

Please know that there is something possible beyond anything you have ever been taught and anyone has ever told you. If you, being you was all that was required ever, would you have more fun? More laughter? More joy?

Access Consciousness is an amazing set of tools and techniques designed to give you the awareness that you know and a way to access what you know with more ease.

I started taking Access classes in 2009 and came away from my first taster evening with a sense that nothing was really significant and that things could be way more fun. I basically haven't stopped going to classes since.

For the first time ever I started to acknowledge that just by being here on this planet I could contribute, that my very being is a contribution. What a relief. It no longer mattered if I didn't say anything or I didn't do a certain thing, I could just be here, with a group of people or wherever. You know I could suddenly be OK with whatever I might be choosing.

I am headed out to become a Certified Facilitator and Right Voice and Being you Practitioner.
In the meantime, contact me if you would like to learn more or book a session.



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