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Eirik Skarholt

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Name: Eirik Skarholt
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: +4795271122
Beautiful Oslo Norway
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About Eirik Skarholt

Hey there, hey , yes you!!!! My name is Eirik Skarholt and i am a chiropractor in Oslo, Norway. I have been playing with the access tools for 3 years now parallell to my chiropractic practice. The changes i have seen in people has been overwhelming and i am so grateful for having been there to witness it.

You see, i am no more unique than any other person on this planet, all i can be is all of me, with the people I facilitate and things start to happen. Isnt that cool? The changes people are willing to take are only limited by their ability to ask a question. The more uncomfortable they are willing to be the more possibility for change they will have. Are you willing to change? Do you KNOW you have more to gift yourself and everyone around you?

Well then, if this makes you excited, come and play, lets have some fun,,::))

Eirik is razor sharp. In his calm, caring and present way he just went right to the core and cleared the deepest shit, that I newer knew I had.
After a session with him, my whole perspective about my job and what I thought I had to do changed totally. I went from the point of view that I should fix eweryone to the point were I just knew that my biggest gift to anyone was to have no point of view of them at all. It was like tons of burdens disapeared from my shoulders.

Don't go to Eirik if you don't want your life to change:)
Thank you so much Eirik...
Lene, Denmark

Eirik, you help me see my own possibilities. My body is in more balance and I have more of inner peace and stability. I got rid of my muscle and joint pains. Better quality of sleep. ( I actually sleep). No more anxiety and depressions. You have shown how to spark my life again. I am more playful, curious, wonderous, present, dreamy, happy and positive. Really dig the change 200%....

Lin Kristin, Norway.

Den helhetlige behandlingen Eirik gir meg er helt unik. Unik,fordi han ser hele meg.
Jeg er 100% trygg behandlingen, fordi han er faglig dyktig.
Han har lært meg å være bevisst tilstede i mitt eget liv. Sånn at jeg kan ta de valg som er riktig for meg.
Og alt dette på en nær, empatisk, humoristisk og menneskelig måte.
En komplett behandler!

Kristin, Norway


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