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Cara Wright

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Name: Cara Wright
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 5099981198
Location: Anam Cara Yoga Center 1228 S. Pierce Rd
Spokane Valley
United States
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About Cara Wright

Hello sweet Beings!

My name is Cara Wright. I have always been a seeker...and up until I found Access I would have thought what I was seeking was Knowledge. Since I have begun my Access journey I have realized what I truly was seeking was consciousness...total awareness without judgment...what I was truly seeking was ME! Since I began to use the tools of Access I have had more moments of ME than any other time in this lifetime!

In May of 2012 I unknowingly made a DEMAND to the universe that something had to change for me. I had been "trying" to make my life work in many different ways while having no success in any of them. I was frustrated, tired, depressed and DONE with all of it! Then I received an email with a little video of ACCESS and some of the simple tools and I knew this was the result of the demand I had made. I have not looked back since, and what I have received from my journey so far has been nothing short of a miracle. I am having more ease with my body. I am more aware of who I BE and what I and my body are truly capable of. I am experiencing more success with my business, and I feel more fulfilled by it. My relationships have all shifted to being more nurturing to my life and to the lives of others.

Since learning the Bars I have shared this process with my immediate family and have noticed HUGE changes in how we are all relating to one another and we ALL have had shifts in each of our lives that have been dynamic! I have the pleasure of enjoying this expansion with my sister as well...she is also following the energy of her own Access journey to facilitation

I am a Access Consciousness Facilitator, a body process practitioner, and I am using the tools of Access to bring more awareness and consciousness to the population of people I worked with prior to Access...the Birth and Motherhood community.I am in total awe of what has already begun to open up for me and those I work with and I am thrilled to continue to follow the energy as it takes me to new levels of...What Else Is Possible?!?

My latest certification with this work is with the Talk to the Entities specialty class. I am now a facilitator of Intro and Beginning classes. This work has been the most surprising and the most expansive yet! I never thought of myself as someone who had this ability to communicate with entities and yet I have always had an uncanny ability to know what is required during pregnancy and birth with the infant being born. Now I know that was because I was communicating with them! I have always perceived energies, seen light beings, fairies and so much more. I spent the first 30 years of my life convincing myself that I wasn't really seeing all these things, and now I am so happy to know that I no longer need to do that! This work is weird, its wacky and it has opened doors to more than I could have ever imagined!

I have never had more fun and more expansion as when I attend any Access Class. I am always excited to see which class is next in the lightness of my journey. If ANY of my story speaks to you....and you would like to choose a class I'm offering....COME AND PLAY!! The choice is yours...How Does It Get Better Than That?!?


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