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Nicola Silva

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Name: Nicola Silva
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 0414740485
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About Nicola Silva

I'm often asked: what do you get out of having your Bars® run or taking Access classes?

I used to say things like, you feel more relaxed, the stress goes away, you sleep better...

But that's not strictly true. In reality, your whole life could change, if you're willing to choose it.

For me, I got happier. The incessant thoughts I thought were mine went away. I'm more in tune with the playfulness, curiosity and sense of adventure I had as a child. Life is getting better all the time.

There are still things that have to be dealt with, and I know that I can handle everything in life, without making it a drama or a problem.

Have you ever wondered if there were more to life? Have you been seeking something so different you haven't even dared to put it into words? Well, there is if you choose it.

What if you taking that first step is the invitation to your whole life changing?


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