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Jen Mcfarlane

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Name: Jen Mcfarlane
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 02380842206 or 07827812323
Location: Tidbatch, Hythe Road, Marchwood
United Kingdom
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Its a huge pleasure for me to be a bars facilitator.

I spent many of my early years in a very confused and disassociated state. Never feeling like I belonged or able to express myself clearly life was incredibly painful at times. I knew I had deep issues but didn't know what they were, just how they affected me.

I trained and became a nurse and worked in different modalities for 40yrs, during that time I became increasingly interested in energy therapies .. and trained in many different modalities.

I thought I'd found what I needed. However when Access Consciousness came into my life it 'rocked my boat' and felt like I'd found the missing link to all therapies.... How could it get better than this?....
.No one had to go through deep trauma's and pain anymore and that word acceptance really hit home, reducing the stress that so often we can have when we let ourselves believe we should be doing something differently because of our past experiences, teachings and conditioning. Also recognising that many of my thoughts and feelings were not mine..Phew what a relief!!

Huge shifts started to happen and every time I had/ have my bars run I feel more and more lighter, brighter and freer.

Having The Bars run is an experience of huge change as the neurons in the brain change.
It is now scientifically proven that changes happen within the brain whilst having the bars run..
Its also a beautiful experience of giving ourselves and our bodies time for this special nurture can change everything in life for the better. How does it get any better than this??

I am a certified Bars Facilitator and having been teaching 'The Bars' for 5yrs...

What Ease Joy and Glory can we be to ourselves and to the world.?


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Access Bars® 9/Apr/2017 Southampton, UK Jen Mcfarlane
Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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