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Mary-Jane Liddicoat

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Name: Mary-Jane Liddicoat
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: Aust +61-(0)410-931-008
Location: 88 La Perouse Street, Griffith
Australian Capital Territory
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About Mary-Jane Liddicoat

Hi there!

Would you like a daily question to keep you awake at the wheel of life? Visit www.thequestionshop.net and subscribe to my free service The Daily Q Would you like to talk to me? I am currently based in Canberra, Australia. I would be delighted to Skype or email too.

What do I do? Great question! Whatever you need. Here's somewhere to start.

Ask yourself: 'what would make my life more fun?'

I will never tell you how to create your life, how to live your life, or how to function in your life. I will simply show you how you can create more space in your life and how you can look at your life from a different place, free from judgement, and with greater possibility and choice. And more enjoyment...

Interested? Drop me a line to see what else could be possible for you.

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If you're in Canberra, drop by and see me at my latest project, Polit Bar www.politbar.co


Mary-Jane has studied and worked in Australia, Asia, Europe and the Middle East for over 25 years.

Since 1992, she has worked for the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade including in public affairs, corporate planning, ICT strategy and business planning policy planning, political, human rights, environmental, and disarmament. Until 2009, she was a diplomat posted as head of education in the Australian Embassy in Seoul.

Mary-Jane speaks Korean and Japanese and authored a language textbook, Syrian Colloquial Arabic, during a four-year stay in the Middle East. Until 2011, she was a Director on the Board of the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Korea and the Asia Pacific LOHAS Korea Country Head.

In 2010, Mary-Jane left government administration to bring the latest conscious living information, products and services to Asia as the founder of Conscious Living • Conscious Leadership • Asia Pacific and Healthy Homes Asia.

Mary-Jane is qualified as a licensed
- Access Consciousness™ Certified Facilitator of Managed Wellness
- Access Consciousness The Bars™ Facilitator
- Access Consciousness™ Body Process Facilitator
- Right Recovery for You Facilitator (for any kind of addiction)

During her stay in Korea, Mary-Jane was also a regular contributor to the Korean media, including as a featured regular guest on the Korean Government TBSe FM radio station 1013 Mainstreet 'Family Affairs' and Better Living programs, and with MJ's Daily Q featured on www.indaily.co.kr

In 2012, Mary-Jane published her first volume of 91 Days of Q based on her free questions posted daily at www.thequestionshop.net and in 2013 she opened a bar in the heart of Australia's capital, for fun and to meet new people.

As a former public servant and professional mother of three small children in a multi-lingual/cultural household, Mary-Jane continues to ask what choices she could make to create more ease, joy, prosperity and abundance in her communities.


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