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Renee West

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Name: Renee West
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: (970) 948-5102
Location: 39 Boomerand Rd. Suite 8122
United States
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About Renee West

In 2010 I had separated from my husband, bought a new house, got a new full-time job and then was rear-ended in a car accident all within 2 weeks. I could not work, put my home together or take care of my 3 year old daughter without being in pain. After months of not healing, I knew that there was a reason for all that I was experiencing and I couldn't figure it out, so I screamed at the universe

"What? what am I supposed to get?, What do you what me to learn?" -Access Consciousness was what I was shown.

After a Bars taster, I was calm and felt supported for the first time in months.

I took my new tools and said them at least 10 times in the morning and evening:

All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory!
How does life get any better than this?
What else is possible?

Within 10 days I got a new client for $3,000 a month, which I desperately needed since I had gone through $20,000 of savings.

I began earning enough money to support my daughter and myself. I had no idea what this Access Consciousness stuff was and I was going to find out as much as possible.

I listened to all the World Puja Access shows and other tele-calls I could find online. I took the next Bars, Foundation and Level 1 class in my town. I realized that when I used the pragmatic tools my life was SO much easier than when I did not.

I am so grateful I have the tools in my life and use them everyday! I find that as I ask questions daily, get my bars run at least once a week, and get body processes done once a week my life continues to become easier and more joyful ;-) Yeah!

I am someone who has ingested more self help, nutrition and self improvement books, classes and theories than normal. I finally found something THAT WORKS!

It is actually possible to get the fun life worth living and it is easier than I imagined.

I have added Access tools to all the previous modalities that I know, massage, yoga, homeopathy and nutrition to create radiant health ;-) When the body participates in it's health, it is so much faster and easier.

I enjoy communicating with bodies and have done so since 1997.

What can I create and generate in your life, living and body that would be the greatest contribution to you?

Would you like to know more?
You can find me at http://www.radiantinaspen.com/index.html or via facebook https://www.facebook.com/neewest?ref=tn_tnmn

I would love to talk with you! (970) 948-5102

Until soon ;-)
Renée West


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