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Barbara Louvrou

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Name: Barbara Louvrou
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 07961381996
UK, Poland and worldwide
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About Barbara Louvrou

Finding Access has become a life changing experience for me. And that is something I was destined to create there were no 2 ways about it . I had been diagnosed with cancer in 2011 and as a nutritional naturopath I just knew my body had the power to heal itself without the use of drugs. I put 150% into my healing programme and today I am free from cancer. How does it get any better than that!?

i just knew it was more than diet I had to address - Emotional work was also huge part of my healing. Great first step achieved.

Now I knew my journey had not finished and it never will . To change my life style I needed something powerful. All the courses I attended on changing attitudes and beliefs worked wonders but there was still a nugget missing and that was what I found in Access Consciousness.

Your body and brain can only do one thing at once -
-when stressed you cannot be calm
- when worried you cant think straight
- when your world is collapsing its hard to pick up the pieces
and when negative beliefs rule your life how do you get off the hamster wheel?.
In Access ConsciousnessI had found the missing piece in my jigsaw puzzle and I just knew this is what I'm meant to be doing . helping people get off their hamster wheel showing them there is such a better way of dealing withsituations to facilitate them to live the life they desire.

Remember I said your body and brain can only do 1 thing at a time . by learning to be in the question and letting go of trying to find the answers the problems have not gone away Though they have stopped being a problem. they are just and interesting point of view.

Life becomes so much easier and more fun and certainly for me it now flows with ease joy and glory - How does it get any better than this !!!!

Having my bars run regularly changes my life every day

All my life I knew there was a lot more to life than what I was being taught. Did keep asking questions?... sometimes... I did create things in my life? .... yes.... but never put together that my life is my own creation, that it is in my hands to create the life I Iove so......
When you find something that works you know in your heart that thats what you need to do.

You don't have to get sick to realise something is missing, Most often we become 'sick and tired of being sick and tired' to do something to change, What would it be like if you didnt have to go there and just knew there there is more to life and that was enough for you to do to see how Access. could change your life too
Access consciousness has given me valuable tools to help me find ease and more fun with difficult situations - why not come and play with me to change aspects of you that don't serve you anymore - what else is possible for YOU?
who are you not being that you truely ARE?

are you ready to be the you you desire?

If you would like an appointment with me please contact me And we can arrange FAce to Face - Or - Over skype/ zoom from Any where in the world

Give me a call
you would like some sessions in bars, Body processes or Right Body for you taster classes.
I am willing to travel if there are a few of you to make it worth while .
Why not organise a day of fun, pampering or a workshop and host a class for me ( in return you will get the class free and some commission.

If you find yourself at different corners of the worls and would like a 121 over skype or zoom I have worked with people in America , Canada Poland, Morocco Very successfully creating change for my clients

want to learn the bars or body processes?
or attend a class look at the class pages and see whats on. or contact me directly as i do not always post classes on Bars classes are evry month

Right body for you classes can be about anything , Do you want to lose weight, have food issues, stuck in trauma drama, release stress, emotions and beliefs around disease, illness disorders, like diabetesliving with cancer. you name the topic we will run a class.

Are you dealing with Illness and disease - one of the Beyond the molecules of cance rclasses may be perfect for you

Lean the bars and attend one of our Bars swops so you get a session , give a session and spend time with like minded people

+44 7961381996



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Barbara Louvrou
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