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Aditi Surti

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Name: Aditi Surti
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 9820200466
India & Woldwide
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About Aditi Surti

Aditi Surti is a well known and loved Facilitator. She was one of the first few people in India to start facilitating Access Consciousness Classes in late 2012. She is known for her effervescence, humour, a sense of lightness, allowance and overall ease of being.

Aditi grew up overseas and lived most of her adult life in Mumbai, India. She has battled with physical abuse as a teenager and in her 20's a phase of alcohol addiction and acute depression. She grew up amidst the ravages of the Gulf war and later the 9/11 tragedy that affected her deeply. All throughout she always felt that there was more to her life than this. She struggled with corporate jobs and could not find what she was looking for. Deep angst, sadness and a sense of resignation pushed her to find meaning and joy.

She then began her journey as a seeker a decade ago and dabbled with various forms of healing and therapies. Being an alternative therapist and very highly aware energy healer, she found Access Consciousness in late 2011. After a few months of listening to loads of audios and clearing various aspects of her life, she attended her first Bars Class in July 2012. She became a Bars Facilitator in Sept 2012 and began facilitating Bars Classes across India.

Other than Access Consciousness, she is also trained Clinical Hypnotherapy, Bach Flower Remedy, Past Life Regression, Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Energetics, Matrix Reimprinting, The Journey and Energy Medicine. Every modality that Aditi learnt contributed to her transformation. She found courage, resilience, allowance and forgiveness, mostly for herself. Access Consciousness took her to a pinnacle of herself that she had never known. It opened up possibilities in her life that she had dismissed as "never will happen". Aditi truly stepped into her potency and has transformed into creator of magnitude.

Aditi has also hosted and contributed to many of the Access Consciousness Facilitators from around the world in India - Gary Douglas - founder of Access Consciousness, Dr. Dain Heer - Co-creator of Access Consciousness, Shannon O'Hara - founder of Talk to the Entities, Simone Milasas - Founder - Joy of Business, Blossom Benedict - Right Voice For You, Susan Lazar Hart, Glenna Rice of the 3 Day Body Classes, Anne Maxwell for Conscious Parents-Conscious Kids and Healer's Class.

Today for Aditi, AWARENESS, BEING and ALLOWANCE are her greatest keys to joy and freedom. She is a powerful catalyst for the lives of those around her through her kindness and contribution. She is a Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Talk to the Entities Facilitator, Right Voice For You Facilitator and she holds classes for people across the country.

Classes that Aditi Surti Facilitates:
Bars - 1 Day
Foundation - 4 Days
Talk to the Entities - A Whole New World - 2.5 Days
Access Business 101 - Business Done Different - 1 Day
The Money Workbook Class - 1 Day
5 Elements of Intimacy - 2 Days

Half Day Classes
Going Beyond Black Magic
Right Voice For You Taster
Access Body Processes
Right Body For You Taster
Conscious Parents, Conscious Kids

Business Bootcamp
Wizard of Ease
A Month of Money

Aditi invites people to create a different reality for themselves through greater allowance, awareness and choice. So what else is possible for you that you have never even considered?


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