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Raina Fay

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Name: Raina Fay
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 317-455-5877
Location: empowerenlight.com 9765 Randall Drive, Suite A
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About Raina Fay

emPOWER! enLIGHT! is here to help you on your energetic healing journey.

We emPOWER you with tools to fill your life with more ease and joy and glory!

What if you were able to optimally change your health, wealth and happiness? Would you be willing to do that?

Raina Fay is a certified Bars Faciliator for Access Consciousness. She also practices Quantum Touch, Allergy Elimination, Ask & Receive, Divine Dynamic Healing Code (a custom format of EFT), Abundance coaching and Healing through Art and Movement.

Be Blessed, as You are a Blessing.


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Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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