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Jennifer Hemingway

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Name: Jennifer Hemingway
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Cottonwood Heights
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About Jennifer Hemingway

So Me.. What about me now? I'll start by expressing my gratitude for life and living. I'm grateful for All of life.. I'm ever changing, learning, loving, creating, expanding and in ?. My interest is being Aware & Being what's required to change, heal, or move beyond for the joy, adventure, beauty life & living can be.
The essence of energy & artistry is my thang ;) Mmmm yum that amazing delicious expansive space, place when I'm BEing, allowing, creating, in nature, Running Access Consciousness The Bars™, body processes and being with a community of amazings.. Oh just Being the change we'd like to BE in the world.. This lights me up and beyond!
Essence energy ~ I love BEing a catalyst for change and possibility. To sense the "back into BEingness". Following the energy, acknowledging awareness & contributing to consciousnes. Sensing others experiencing "receiving" mind and body space they haven't in a very long time; The magic, simplicity, kindness, caring, nurturing, space & expansion. ❤️ I'm ever grateful for the magnificent gift I receive applying Access tools, Bars and body processes... It is a joy to contribute to you.

The essence of artistry for me~ I love being the energy of creating instituting and generating art, playing with polymer clay, painting, crafting, building, designing, having ideas, visions ,inspirations.


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