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Kari Folk

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Name: Kari Folk
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 920 265 4226
Green Bay
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About Kari Folk

I enjoy using the tools of Access Consciousness and the Bars to bring the light and brightness of who you truly BE to the forefront of your awareness, for you to recognize the amazing BEing you already are, and how to show it to the world (and yourself!) while ever increasing the possibilities of awareness and greatness in every area of your life.

What if you could have more of you? More ease? More Joy? What would it take for you to choose it? Access Bars opened me up to a world of possibilities that I couldn't even begin to imagine, and I am on my way to more light, more ease, and more joy each and every day! I love being the space for others to see these possibilities in their own lives, and invite you to make a new choice today! Is now the time? What will you choose?! :)


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