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Lynn Micallef

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Name: Lynn Micallef
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 07800778611
Location: Delapre
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About Lynn Micallef

Welcome to .........mi-philosophy.

To contact Lynn , make an enquiry or book a treatment visit mi-philospohy website;

You may also book a treatment or package offer by visiting mi-philosophy at Treatwell.

Treatments are carried out in Northamtonshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire.
You may enjoy a pop up treatment at home or the very popular work place treatment.

mi philosophy: Energetic Face Lift* - The Access Energetic Face Lift reverses the appearance of ageing on the face, without Cosmetic Injectables*

mi philosophy: Bars* Therapy -Having your bars run is a deeply relaxing experience that provides complete ease in your mind and body.

This is beauty on the outside and beauty on the inside......

Access your inner essence......

Located in Northamptonshire Lynn is available for home and work place visits
Contact Lynn to discuss your requirements. 07800778611



''As you do I came across the concept of Access Bars and was curious to find out if it was another gimmick or something else ! I found Lynn's details and after speaking with her decided to gift a session to my daughter who was currently making a move overseas and I thought it would at the least give her some stress relief. When Lynn finished running her bars I saw my daughters face transformed to the face, expression and glow she had when she was a little girl ! I was amazed and decided to book some sessions with Lynn for myself. After each session with Lynn the questions and perceived problems and stresses were gone, to the point that I couldn't even remember what was bothering me. Having my bars run by Lynn creates a space and an ease and clarity in my life that is not easy to express but only to experience. I highly recommend having a session or more with Lynn.
5+ stars - I could have written more but then it would have been an essay !''

''Since about five months I have my weekly sometimes bi-weekly Access Consciousness BARS sessions run by Lynn and I always feel very relaxed afterwards.
But this is only part of what you get from Lynn.
Her support during this very difficult time for me, personal as well as work related is outstanding.
Lynn is always available when I need support, be it during the week or on weekends. Lynn has the wonderful talent to bring me back on track every single time I am struggling. She does this in a very loving, honest and professional way. Sometimes she has to kick a bit hard for me to get out of wherever I ducked myself in to and not letting me get away with anything.
Her wealth of knowledge and “been there, done it” is more like a life coaching where you get the benefits of BARS run as the icing of the cake. Lynn definitely over-delivers every single time.
I really wonder where I would be today without her ongoing support.
Thanks so much Lynn. You are a star!!''

''I had a mi-philosophy Energetic Facelift and 'Bars' Therapy - Book three get a fourth free! and have awarded it 5 stars.''

''I was looking for someone offering Access Consciousness BARS sessions. What a relaxing and inspiring treatment. I experienced Lynn exceptionally motivating, energetic, highly skilled and understanding. I felt very welcome and at ease from the start. I've straight away booked further sessions. Her mobile service is incredibly convenient. Enormously recommended! ''

''I had an energetic face lift. I was very surprised. I was not sure what to expect. I have had botox in the past but do not want to continue with it. I have now found a brilliant replacement. My whole face looks radiant, my darkness around the eyes has gone. My face looks plumper and my skin is firmer. I will be having this treatment all the time now. Its pain free, and a wonderfully relaxing treatment I highly recommend it to any one to have a go. I had the facelift with the vitamin c and mineral spritz. Feels very, very good. So worth it.''

''Had an energetic face lift and micro bars booked through Wahanda. I felt so nice after my treatment. I felt relaxed , an almost floating feeling , the energetic facelift with the mineral spritz and vitamin c treatment left my face glowing and very fresh looking. Lynn is very good at this treatment. I was very pleased. A totally new treatment I have never had any thing like it. Its simply lovey I highly recommend it.''

''Very unusual treatment, I had my bars run, it was relaxing and I felt very calm afterwards, I would recommend it.''

''Was not sure what to expect. But was pleasantly surprised what a gorgeous, indulgent, relaxing treatment to drift away to. The handling care and compassion is a true pleasure to experience. Its amazing just how much tension we hold in our body and face. I have been under a lot of stress, this was a great way to relax muscular tension, frown lines and I am sure would be a great way to alleviate headaches/migraines, any stressful event you may be going through or have experienced. Following this treatment felt rejuvenated refreshed and enlightened...wonderful, thank you. I look forward to my next booking with you and would not hesitate to recommend this treatment to anyone.''

''An enlightening and clarifying experience. It's an amazing process, one I had no knowledge about and had no idea what to expect. The whole experience has been quite strange really, I’m completely revitalised! I’ve got so much energy & focus it’s amazing. Will definitely be coming back for more energetic bars treatments. A definite hidden gem of a treatment''

''What a lovely experience!! I've had two treatments with Lynn and feel very happy with the results.
I'm in my 50's and have been looking for a natural way of reducing the usual signs of aging and this treatment ticks every box. My face and neck have a more relaxed appearance the fine lines and any dark blemishes I had on my face are almost gone, I also have less puffiness around my eyes.
I found the whole experience very welcoming and friendly.
I highly recommend the energetic facelift with Lynn...''

''This is a new kind of treatment so didn’t know what to expect. WOW! The results are fabulous. So relaxing and refreshing, I felt great. My face lift got better and better as days passed - I now have a treatment once every other month and love it. I get a lot of comments on how well I look. I am very happy with the results. I would recommend any one has this. It’s great.''


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