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Winnie Sanchez

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Name: Winnie Sanchez
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 650-255-1646
San Bruno, San Francisco, San Mateo, Bay Area
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About Winnie Sanchez

The energy was shifting and I had to follow…

I had already dabbled in some other energetic modalities. So what was different? What changed? I found that things that used to bother me or “stick” me would start to get “unstuck”. Access Consciousness® is all about empowering you to know what you know and using some simple tools and techniques that could change your life.

It all started for me with The Bars®. The Bars® is the first process in Access Consciousness® and can be the most intense form of relaxation that anyone can receive. There are 32 points on the head that can release the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you’ve ever had about anything. Gently touching these points allows you to release anything that doesn’t allow you to receive. It can reduce mind chatter, allow you to sleep better, and create a sense of space, peace and ease. At the worst it can feel like a great massage and at the best it could change your life.

I’ve met people from all walks of life who have found peace and ease from experiencing The Bars®. What if you could change your body, money, relationships, and so much more? What if it could be the beginning of the change in your life that you’ve been looking for?

So what else is possible? I continue my energetic journey by learning additional Access Body processes which have expanded my senses and awareness. There are dozens of body processes and the list continues to grow as the bodies ask for more change. There are people who have been willing to change the dis-ease in their bodies. And what’s great about doing body processes is that when you give you also receive.

Come join the thousands of people around the world who have received, relaxed, and renewed. Private Bars® sessions are available by appointment. You can also check my schedule for Bars® classes, Body classes, and Gifting and Receiving sessions.


Thank you Winnie for all of these wonderful resources you have provided me! And for being such a wonderful teacher yesterday. The day went so well and I could tell it was planned with great care. I hope to see you soon :) I'm feeling good and light today!

Really fantastic session we experienced, and so filled with expansion thank you so much for holding the space.

Winifred Sanchez offers unusually satisfying energy work utilizing Access Consciousness Body Work...and/or energy work in general. Her presence is quiet and supportive while her energy matching is accurate, substantial and healing. I highly recommend Winnie for anyone interested in healing touch. Her instincts have been exceptionally accurate and my sessions with her very satisfying.

How did I get to be so lucky to meet you, Winnie, this year. HDIGABTT? I have had the pleasure of 2 or 3 Bars sessions with you this year. And Wow! Wanna be more relaxed, grounded, centered, each time I have had a Bars session with you. Winnie, it was truly an amazing experience. Your light touch, gentleness and bubbly spirit, I was stressed out to the max. Body screaming for my Bars to be run each time I met with you as my electrical current/wiring was so fried and frazzled. In the middle of my messy life, closing my office, packing and moving my condo. In the midst of massive craziness your gift of running my Bars shifted my energy, settled my spirit and reset my wiring each time we met. The next day after having a Bars session with you, Winnie, my whole being shifted. So much my husband noticed the drastic change in my whole demeanor. You are amazing!!! Thank you for showing up and being the gift you truly are in this world!!! The world needs YOU!! What else is possible?

Where do I begin . . . I showed up for my first Access Consciousness Bars training course and was gifted with more than I expected. I was gifted with a freedom I thought I already possessed - - as I am a happy, loving individual. However, as my Bars were being run, it was brought to my attention that my physical body was clinging to what my mental body thought it had resolved using an ancient healing technique called forgiveness, apparently that was not enough. As the points in my head were gently pressed, my body responded expressively animated with jerking movements and inexplicable sounds escaping my mouth; a purge of restoration I endured. My body longed for this energy release and willingly expelled what did not serve me, entities included. Totally unexpected, yet necessary. It was well worth it. The knot that was in my shoulder blade "dissolved," the energy in my body is flowing through a space that was once inaccessible, my mind is clearer, I am healing.
I am sincerely grateful and appreciative of the training / service Winnie Sanchez has provided. She made sure I was nourished, was attentive, informative, relatable, extremely supportive, and answered all my questions. She is also an excellent listener, remaining a grounded presence during my entire experience. She was relaxed and available to whatever happened next, a power-point.
I am thankful for Winnie Sanchez hosting my introduction to Access Consciousness Bars. She has inspired me to explore more of the courses Access Consciousness has to offer. Thank You!
C. Jones

I just took my second BARS class with Winnie. She is a wonderful facilitator.
Winnie has a gentle, peaceful presence creating a relaxing, safe environment to learn in. I appreciated how attentive and articulate she is her facilitating which gave me confidence in giving my practice sessions. The sessions I received were amazing! I highly recommend Winnie.
Thank-you Winnie for an Awesome Experience!

Contact me for information, offers, possibilities, and any questions you have. Yes, ask questions!!!
So how does it get any better than that?

Winnie Sanchez
San Bruno, San Francisco, San Mateo, Bay Area, California


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