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Chrissie Moores

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Name: Chrissie Moores
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 07501335627
Location: Kent based but anywhere in UK or worldwide
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About Chrissie Moores

Have you always known that something else is possible and that you're meant for greater things but don't know where to look to find it?

What if you've just found it?

I’m an Access Consciousness® Bars, Body Process and Facelift Facilitator and Practitioner and I play with the magic tools and processes of Access to change people’s awareness and that changes their lives. I also use the magical ESSE processes which allow so much ease with the body.

All my life I’ve been a seeker, having the knowing that there was a “something” for me to find and now its here.

How do I describe it? Serenity, wholeness and connection, all I know is I wake up every morning with a smile on my face!

How does it get any better than that?

I’ve been through the mill too ……. Life changing events with health, family and general brown stuff which doesn’t smell nice. I’ve used many energy therapies, trained in a few but in my honest opinion
Access Consciousness Bars and Body Processes are the ROLLS ROYCESs, they clear things others can’t reach with ease.

Access is not about anything you have to believe. It’s about YOU.
It’s about you claiming you and releasing the judgments, conclusions and thoughts that make being you a difficulty or keep you stuck in trying to work out how to 'Fix it'.

Wow! I’ve never known anything to be so liberating, if a bit scary at first!

My life continues to change dynamically, with more ease and sometimes with a little laughter.

What would you be willing to receive or change?

I’m an intuitive person and I offer

Individual in person sessions where I sense what is most beneficial for you and your body
- running Bars, Access body processes, verbal processes and other energy healing techniques

Phone or Skype sessions where I sense what you and your body require
- verbal processes and energy healing

Bars sessions and taster sessions

Bars classes in groups or on a 1-2-1 basis

Access Body Process classes

Bars shares

Distance work, where we connect energetically at an arranged time.

I work anywhere I'm asked. I live in Ashford, Kent but have "hands-on clients" in Sussex, Essex, Kent, Oxfordshire and further afield and phone/Skype worldwide.

I facilitate training at many venues and am always willing to travel.

Often at weekends and occasionally in the week I can be found at Mind Body and Spirit Events,
or Pamper Evenings and Charity soirees playing with the magic.doing Taster Sessions

Testimonials from my website and Treatment Book
Short Treatments

Sunday July 5th 2015
June wrote :-
“I had a fantastic and very interesting treatment after which I felt that my connection
to my intuitive self was quicker and clearer. I managed to clear a lot of unwanted 'stuff',
including a block that I was knew was there but couldn't reach without assistance -
I think we uncovered the reason for that block I feel lighter now and have more space in my
head to allow new things in. Thanks it was great...even the goldfish “

And an follow on post
“last night I did something that I hadnt expected I would do - I was chatting online, to someone
I met there yesterday and he said he felt reiki was pulling at him and I found myself telling him
that I could do it ! even though I took my master/teacher some time ago I have never, up until now,
attuned/initiated anyone!!! so that is truly amazing - it would not have happened before my treatment
yesterday I also slept better, awoke more refreshed “

Bless you Chrissie. I feel whole and complete. RR

I’m excited about the future and looking forward to feeling the difference. Incredible experience
by a very turned on and tuned in lovely lady x G x

Fantastic experience, Healing and green Light. GB

I’m feeling calmer and less stressed. Thank You. xxx J

Really Wow ! Amazing. Namaste J x

Thank You Chrissie. I feel Free xxx

Extraordinary – cleansing- strengthening – healing. Thank you. D x

Wow. You are amazingly intuitive. I feel so relaxed as my stress has melted away.
Thank you so much. T xxx

Was not expecting that! A bit spaced at the moment, feel lighter, relaxed. R x

After Long Treatments
Dear Chrissie
WOW, I feel renewed!
“Old” inhibiting patterns, beliefs and people – behavior and nonsense held me back,
knocked my confidence and self-esteem. I am able to fulfill my destiny, to be my true self.
Thank You so very much
With love and blessings
Treatment 15-5-15 Testimonial 26-05-15

After Verbal Processing
I have been working with this lady for about a month with Verbal Processing once a week
30 – 60 minutes once a week.
Testimonial. Kam 01/07/15
Having tried various therapies, rpt, eft and cbt. Great but short lived. Whereas the work
you are doing with me has an impact which carries on impacting with time. I feel stronger ,
less afraid and calmer (have been manic) ... You give me confidence and a self worth which
makes me feel great and excited about the future! You are amazing x

Jeremy Ar – 5 star Thank you Chrissie for facilitating me out of very uncomfortable place,
and being able to talk to me there and then, thank you thank you thank you : )

Zoe Rl – 5 starHad a verbal processing session have had so much crap from years and years
cleared I am now bouncing like tigger, giggling like an idiot burping for England
but it's bloody good fun I feel fabulous xxxxx


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☀ Access Consciousness® at Expos 1/Apr/2017 Liverpool. L1 1JJ, UK Chrissie Moores  & 
Barbara Louvrou
Access Bars® 5/Apr/2017 Manchester, UK Chrissie Moores
Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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