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Jodi Skeris

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Name: Jodi Skeris
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 323-387-3379
Location: http://www.ask-allow.com/
Studio City
United States
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About Jodi Skeris

I've gotten a lot of requests to run bars to see what it is like! Contact me for your first Bars Session and find out What Else is Possible?!

60 min Bars® Session: $130
90 min Bars® Session: $160
120 min Bars® Session: $200

Jodi Skeris is the founder of Ask-Allow and a Bars Facilitator at Access Consciousness®. She has a MS degree from VCU in business and a BA in Mass Communication. She’s here to change the world, with your help.

Jodi has always tendency to do many things at once and, in the past, put herself in wrongness for being herself. Since finding Access Consciousness®, through her very dear friend Mikey, she has had amazing changes in her life:
• has an amazing relationship with her boyfriend
• has been improving her relationship with her family
• has gained A LOT of confidence
• won the ENTIRE show on Let’s Make a Deal (you know, the BIG prize at the end of the show)
• starred in several National commercials (yes, she IS in L.A.)
• been in many feature films, amazing improv comedy shows, and webseries (did we mention she’s in L.A.?)
• written many scripts and comedy sketches (no really, she’s…you get it.)
• and a lot more stuff that is, frankly, none of your beez-wax. Unless you meet her and she’ll most likely spill all the beans about herself.

Jodi is a go-getter, a humanoid, and believes in you. It sounds cheesy, but she really does. She would love you to have all the ease, joy, and glory you could ever want and deserve to have. Ask a question and be in the allowance of the tools that Access Consciousness® can give to you.

Jodi also knows American Sign Language and would LOVE to work with anyone out there who communicates via ASL.


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