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Pam Grace

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Name: Pam Grace
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 0400227453
Location: 58 Westminster St East Victoria Park
Western Australia
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About Pam Grace

So whats next?That was the question I had asked just prior to finding Access Conciousness.Since then my life has changed beyond belief.How does it get any better than that?I have spent most of my life searching for more.More happiness,more ease,more joy,more something!I was never quite sure and in the process I was involved in many,many alternative and healing modalities,whilst at the same time working as a mental health nurse with children and adults and now mums and babies.

When I started Access I had created issues of panic ,anxiety and depression as my body was going through what this reality would call 'the menopause'.During this time neither alternative nor mainstream modalities brought any lasting relief.

After finding Access Conciousness and learning the Access Bars my life began to transform immediately and the transformation continues.I have since completed Foundation Level 1,2 and3 and the Body Processes and I apply these tools and techniques daily.And now I have more.More ease more happiness.more awareness and my life continues to expand.

I am so excited to have the opportunity to share these tools and processes with others who are also looking for more and what fun can we have along the way.

I am available for individual sessions.I also teach Access Bars


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