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Phoebe Gibbs

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Name: Phoebe Gibbs
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: (828) 658-0050
Location: 56 Bradley St.
United States
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About Phoebe Gibbs

About 6 months before I found Access Consciousness I made a demand of the Universe - I wanted to use my innate healing capacities in a way that produced results - real healing and real change... and I wanted a way to increase the Consciousness in my world, knowing that is the only way I could effect the "greater reality". I knew it had to have certain characteristics; that you would do it yourself; it would be easy; it would be fast and it would be undeniably effective. BAM! -the Universe answered all my demands to the "T". Access has given me easy pragmatic tools that I knew right away worked and "this minute" too! Yummy body processes that allow you to access the consciousness that your body really is and allow it to facilitate you bring your body along for the ride!

And about Healing the Planet? A world without judgement - where people let one another Be who they Be is a thriving Earth too!

From the first 5 minutes of hearing about Access I was galvanized and KNEW this was for me. "Following the Energy" is nothing new to me - energy speaks and I follow. Never was I better rewarded than with the study and application of the Access tools and processes -and it just keeps coming! How does it get even better I wonder?

Phoebe Gibbs is a Maestro level Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, , Body Process Facilitator and a former "Talk to the Entities" Facilitator. She has been licensed as a Science of Mind Practitioner and a has worked 20 years as a registered nurse most often in end of life situations. She describes herself as always seeking and becoming more...

Ease, Joy and Glory!

Grateful, grateful, grateful for these tools! and it just gets more amazing all the time!

I am trained in "Symphony" sessions, the "Abuse Hold", All the Access Consciousness Body Processes including the Bars®, I am adept and comfortable with Entity work and animal communication. If you think I might be your Facilitator, give me a call. I love sharing this body of work!


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The Foundation 31/Mar/2017 Lake Gaston , North Carolina, USA Phoebe Gibbs
Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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