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Amy Williams, LMT, BF BPF, EEM-CLP

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Name: Amy Williams, LMT, BF BPF, EEM-CLP
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 402-432-0223
Location: 1804 St. Andrews Place
Email Email Amy Williams, LMT, BF BPF, EEM-CLP

About Amy Williams, LMT, BF BPF, EEM-CLP

Amy Williams, LMT, EEM-CLP,BF
With 27+ years as a Licensed Massage Therapist Amy Williams now specializes in BodyMind Healing using a variety of techniques.

As an Access Consciousness Bars and Body Facilitator & Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner moving energy in the body & mind in its many forms in assisting people in achieving BodyMind Balance is what I do.

The Bars, Energetic Facelift and the Access Body Processes have created so much change and expansion in my work. I continue to utilize them in all my sessions along with all of the fabulous tools of Access Consciousness." Asking "What else is possible?" gives energy so much freedom to move in body and mind. This journey just keeps getting more interesting!

After years doing hands on Sessions Amy finds that she loves the freedom and focus achieved in long distance work. Either way she is here to be a contribution to your path and to the upliftment of the planet.


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Access Bars® 26/Mar/2017 Lincoln, USA Amy Williams, LMT, BF BPF, EEM-CLP
Access Bars® 13/May/2017 Norfolk, Nebraska, USA Amy Williams, LMT, BF BPF, EEM-CLP
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