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Ritu Motial

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Name: Ritu Motial
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: +971 508236427
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About Ritu Motial

Thank you for choosing to visit this page. Have you been searching all your life for some deeper meaning, constantly been in judgment of you? Have you ever found yourself wondering whether you belong to some other planet? I reproduce a piece which I wrote several years ago much before I became acquainted with the tools of Access Consciousness and it may sound familiar to you. I call it 'Rolling Stone' because that is what I have been and have always been made wrong for it, till I became acquainted with these simple tools.

Rolling Stone

I love this canvas called life, my life with its myriad hues and colors jostling with each other settling down to form a constantly evolving picture called me; who am I, what am I? Settle down they tell me, rolling stone gathers no moss, you know; they hand me as a priceless piece of ultimate advice to my nomadic, wandering, lusting spirit. Was the stone meant to gather moss, I wonder. Why is it that we then dust before taking it in our homes, it in fact scrub it diligently, why? I laugh when I look at the contrast, the shine is it that merits its place as a piece of pride in the house; and that you get only when it rolls, rolls from experience to another, from one terrain to another, from one level of existence to another, leaving a little of its exterior to the abrasive grind to eventually shine and reveal its delicate veins, the intricate pattern.

Why am I then stopped to roll, roll freely from one pain to another, from one laughter to another from one enchantment of living, loving to another? Love, my love for search of love continues, I continue to search the true meaning of love. I could assume different flavors of love, a mother, a wife, an all knowing lover, a petulant girl friend, a heart-ached wait, a confidante, or just an embalming solitude which caresses me, unabashedly letting me explore in total freedom one heartbreak to another, the volatile tender moments of awakening in between, reach yet another dimension of being. Why should I stop living?

Thank you for reading this. Access Consciousness has allowed me to revel and celebrate this rolling stone for the first time in her life. Today I enjoy my role as a behavior change communications specialist and a business facilitator in my corporate avatar, a long-distance-full-time mother to my wonderful two sons, a writer, a documentary filmmaker in addition to being a Bars Facilitator, unabashedly and am discovering newer dimensions. Thank you Access Consciousness for allowing me to discover all of me! Whatelse is possible?

What if you could discover more of you with ease, joy and glory? What if you could roll freely and joyfully from moment to moment ?

I invite you to explore various hidden and so far unexplored layers of you with these amazing tools and realize your own potency and the contribution you truly be, welcome to you!


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